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When Ijoko-Agbado road becomes albatross on Amosun’s neck


Adebayo Obajemu

Governance, it is said, is a social contract, by which the governed submit their sovereignty to the sovereign, who is expected to act good on their behalf at all times. This can’t be true of the suffering population of that stretch of road from Ijoko– a stone throw from Sango roundabout—to Agbado station, home to thousands of people that gave their mandate to Ibikunle Amosun, Ogun State governor. ‘’What is annoying is that this governor secured his highest vote from this big local government, Ifo Local Government, yet all his developmental strides were elsewhere. Is that not ironic?’’, declared Adeyemi Adejumoh, an opinion moulder and National President of the Yoruba Youth Agenda, whose beautiful edifice has been repainted by the slimy mud as a result of the deplorable condition of the road.

Capture125JPGThe fear of rain, whether torrential or drizzle is the beginning of the wisdom for the teeming inhabitants of that long stretch of virtually impassable road that passes through Agbado Station, to Opeilu, Jafa, Itoki, Abule down to Ijoko , also called Ogba Ayo, all homes to the lower middle class and the artisan who can not afford rents in other parts of Lagos. For these people, getting to their various offices and returning later in the evening has persistently become a source of psychological trauma, hypertension and stress.

‘My brother it is not life here in Opeilu. As you can see, am not yet 40, but I have developed white hair as a result of stress occasioned by this bad road.

A medical doctor, Azeez Oladejo, who lives across Sharp Corner complained of the difficulty of reaching his clinic in Ifo on a daily basis: ‘’This road is a punishment to us, actually we have soft spot for APC because of its welfarist and development-oriented policies, and we love Amosun, in fact, he received the highest vote here in Ifo but unfortunately the governor has closed his door to us. Can you imagine the state of this road in a civilized society as us, not even the road in my village is as bad as this? What is galling is that the governor has not deemed it fit to put up palliative measures or even visited after his reelection, yet before the reelection he visited more than five times , in each visit, he had promised speedy action once reelected’’, declared Oladejo, in exasperated tone of a man who has resigned to fate.

Most of the leaders of the Road Transport Workers in Agbado, Itoki and Ijoko who spoke to this reporter on the condition of anonymity condemned the attitude of the governor, they all averred that given the support the populations of the affected areas gave the governor during his campaign and election, he ought to have put up measures to ameliorate the sufferings of the commuters, many of whom are said to be often stranded at the Agbado busstop any time it rains and the road becomes clogged and impassable. Hallmark learnt that in such occasion, many of the commuters would abandon the main road and resort to trekalong the rail line, and the danger according to some commuters is that area boys who often lounge around the rail as from 8pm in the night often dispossess them off their personal belongings such as cash, cell phones, wristwatches and any other things that come in handy. Rape, it was learnt, is also a common occurrence, this, has led many of the commuters to walk in groups once it is past 8pm in the evening.

However, an associate of Governor Ibikunle, Aisha Korodo, who was once a candidate for Ogun State House of Assembly told Hallmark that ‘’contrary to the opinion of many that Amosun has abandoned that road, the governor is walking round the clock to ensure that the road is completed, after all his record in terms of infrastructure, especially road construction is there for everyone to see’’. She appealed to the people affected to be patient.