Kingsley Adeyemi Adejumo

Adebayo Obajemu

The National President of Yoruba Youth Agenda, one of the socio-cultural organizations affiliated to Yoruba World Congress, Otunba Kingsley Adeyemi Adejumo , has reacted to the alleged infiltration of Yoruba land by terrorists.

Speaking through the organisation’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Akintola, said Yoruba land has never been defeated by any enemies, stressing that “In any event , we are closely monitoring development in our land, and we want to assure our people that any attempt by any aggressors- terrorists or bandits to make Yoruba land their haven will fail. We will flush them out where ever they may be, whether in the deep forest around Lusanda, Kishi or else where, we will smoke them out.”

Adejumo stated that there is a limit to which the peace loving Yoruba People can tolerate aggression, warning that “outsiders should not mistake Yoruba People’s show of broadmindedness , multiculturalism and ecumenical spirit for weakness, adding that “Yoruba People are great warriors as attested to over time. I think those mistaking our understanding and love of others for weakness should do well to remember Chief Fabumi, Ogedengbe and other brave warriors who stopped the Fulani aggression at the battle of Osogbo in 1840”, he said.

He stressed that peace loving nationalities living in Yoruba land “have no cause to fear, since we live in other lands too.”
He said at the appropriate time, the organization will issue a press statement after due consultation