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War of Boko Haram in Nigeria





There is a full scale war against the Nigeria citizen by the Boko Haram right now! Nigeria is fighting a civil war is between the Islamic extremists called Boko Haram and the citizen.

There is a war, and for the church to survive, the church needs disciples. Since 2009 till now, thousands of Christians have been killed; some are slaughtered like rams, some others have their bodies cut into pieces while yet others are roasted with fire on a daily bases by this sect.  Hundreds of churches had been burnt to ashes; no place of worship, pastors and their families killed, while some are on the run and nowhere to be found.

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The catalogue of death of Christians killed by Boko Haram militants is raising alarm required immediate attention.   Moreover so many Christian are on the run, some are running from the northern part of the country to the southern part, while others are running from middle melt to the south.

Christians are on the run searching peace. Many Christians that are going on exile in neighbouring countries and around the world are on the increase on daily basis. Some Christians are still in hands of abductors camp of Boko Haram like the Chibok girls.

Some who are flee as a result of the war of Boko Haram that easily come to mind; Pastor Ibukun Adeola of Pentecostal evangelical ministry, Rev Okafor Johnson of Baptist church, Pastor Mrs. Julie Azonobo of Mount Zion Ministry, pastor Okhani Peter of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, pastor Nnamdi Chidi of mountain of fire ministry.  The war of Boko Haram has not been abated rather on the increase.

The Islamist soldiers of Boko Haram have not relented in the war.   The Nigerian church should rise up to its responsibility of winning them for Christ. The Nigerian church has stopped raising disciples but are busy raising millionaires. Our so called Christians are at peace in Zion. We must wake up and face the reality, if not Christianity in Nigeria is on its way out.  God has an agent to prevent whatever evil we see that is going on in Nigeria our nation.

God has an agent to stop corruption, to stop oppression, to stop terrorism, to stop kidnapping. God has an agent whom he has assigned and empowered, that agent is the church. Now it is because the church has failed that’s why whatever evil you see taking place in Nigeria the church is responsible.

This is a clarion call to the Church in Nigeria those who have ears let them hear. If we the church that is called by God shall humble ourselves and seek God’s face and pray, God said He will hear us from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.

Written By Pastor – Jide Ajanaku of Royalty Christians Centre Ewekoro Ifo Ogun State

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