Umuahia East: Okezie Obasi promises quality, effective representation
Okezie Obasi

Hon Okezie Obasi, the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), candidate for Umuahia East State Constituency in Abia State, has promised to herald a regime of quality and effective representation if elected

He said he would introduce transparency and offer the best to his constituents, adding that the incumbent Lawmaker for the Umuahia East State constituency, Hon Chukwudi Apugo, has done well to the best of his ability, but he (Obasi), intends to do more if given the opportunity.

Interacting with Newsmen in Umuahia, Hon Obasi stated that in the area of oversight functions, Abia has not gotten it right, alleging that most abandoned projects in the state is as a result of neglect on the part of the legislators.

According to him, most of the projects in the state described as abandoned projects, were not properly overseen by legislators to ensure the contracts were fully executed.

He said, ”It is the duty of a legislator to follow up contracts and ensure the job specification is strictly adhered to.

“For a long time in Abia, we have recorded cases of inflated contracts for ambiguous amount, just like the recently constructed fly over at Osisioma.The price used in building the fly over is quite exorbitant compared to what other states use in constructing theirs. We have not gotten it right in Abia.”

Hon Obasi, however, noted that there would be no lapses in his core functions as a legislator if elected, adding that he got spurred to join the Aba House of Assembly race to contribute his own quota to the development of Umuahia East and that he would carry this out with all diligence.

He added that he has been around the political corridors of Umuahia East, both as a one time councillor in 2008 and a PDP ABHA aspirant in 2019, stating that he is ready to change the trajectory of the area, while calling on his people to avail him their massive support come 2023.


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