Kashamu Buruji who is the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
in the South West and Senator elect for Ogun East Senatorial district
has been in the news for the wrong reasons in recent times.
Most Nigerians knew little about Kashamu until former President,
Olusegun Obasanjo’s 18 page letter to President Goodluck Jonathan in
December 2013.
Obasanjo, in his letter alleged that Kashamu Buruji is wanted in the
United States of America for drug related offences.
However, Kashamu Buruji denied it, saying Obasanjo was not happy that
he (Kashamu) was chosen as the PDP leader in the South West.
Before he ventured into politics, he has been a successful business
man with over 500 employees under the group. He is also the Chairman
of Group Kasmal SAL in Republic of Benin. He is an experienced
business manager and industrialist, with about 76% share capital in
the ultra modern cotton ginnery – Societe d’Egrenage Industrial de
Coton du Benin (SEICB S.A) in the Republic of Benin, a neighboring
French speaking West African country He is a businessman and
industrialist of international repute. He is also involved in the
business of importation and exportation of goods and commodities,
semi-finished and finished agro-allied products for over 20 years.

A section of the Nigerian media had reported late last year that that
Kashamu’s name came up in a recent Court ruling dated September 25,
2009 by Judge Charles R. Norgle of the United States District Court in
Chicago, Illinois in which the Judge upheld Kashamu’s indictment by
the U.S government on drug trafficking charges and conspiracy to
smuggle heroin into the country. Kashamu was described by the U.S
government as the kingpin of the drug cartel.
However, Kashamu has continually denied the allegations via newspapers
and alleged that he was not the one being sought after by the United
States Government, but that the alleged crime was committed by one of
his brother who is now late. Kashamu, in his defense, also claims that
he had been cleared by a British Court and produced what purports to
be the decision of a Magistrate Court in England.
In a twist of event, Kashamu’s house in Lagos was under siege for
about seven hours by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
on the 23rd of May 2015.
According to reports, the drug enforcers want to extradite Kashamu to
the US to answer drug charges leveled against him. Due to lack of
warrant, the agents were unable to arrest him. They however, out him
under house arrest.

However, a federal High Court in Lagos came to his rescue when it
ordered officials of the NDLEA to vacate the home of the
The order to vacate his premises was given on Tuesday, by Justice
Ibrahim Bubba of the federal High Court in Ikoyi
The case has been adjourned till‎ June 4, 2015, after the inauguration
of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari.
A member of the PDP in Ogun state, who spoke with Hallmark on the
condition of anonymity, was of the view that the powers that be in the
APC from the South West region are witch-hunting Kashamu.
He said, “So many people in the South West are just jealous of
Kashamu Buruji’s political achievement. To compound their woes,
Kashamu defeated their candidate in the Senatorial election. They
can’t stand a man of Kashamu’s status as a law maker. They are afraid
of how powerful he will get. The likes of Tinubu and the rest see
Kashamu’s political success as a threat. It is as simple as that”. He