Kunle Awosiyan:


President Goodluck Jonathan has called on the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari to extend his probe exercise to other previous governments rather than limiting it to the outgoing government.

He said this at the valedictory session of the Federal Executive Council at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, adding that limiting the probe to the outgoing government would amount to witch-hunting his administration.

As he put it, “Some people are even calling for the probe of this government. I agree that in Nigeria, there are a number of things that we will probe; very many things.“Even debts owed by states and this nation from 1960 up to this time. They are saying it is Jonathan’s administration that owes all the debts.

“I believe that anybody calling for probe must ensure that these probes are extended beyond the Jonathan administration, otherwise to me, it will be a witch-hunt. If you are very sincere, then it is not just the Jonathan’s administration that should be probed. A number of things have gone wrong and we have done our best to fix them.”

Commenting on the ongoing fuel scarcity, Jonathan attributed to sabotage, adding, “those who feel they must bring this government to its knees are the ones behind the scarcity because I don’t know why marketers would choose to go on strike a few days to the end of this administration.”

“Even this last fuel scarcity, to me one can clearly say it was an act of sabotage. This government has few days to go, that is definitely not the time you expect massive strikes, using marketers and unions. Unions asking for increase in salaries at a time oil prices have dropped and volumes have dropped,” he said.