Muhammad Badaru Abubakar, Jigawa State governor, has insisted that the controversial Ruga settlement project for Fulani herdsmen as initiated by the president Muhammadu Buhari led administration was only suspended pending when all necessary measures are put in place, noting it is a right of the herders.

The governor said contrary to what people assume, Ruga is not a privilege, but a right, adding that, either Ruga or Ranching, the aim is to improve the general well being of not only those in the business but the general public as well.

He said cattle rearing is a businesses that provide jobs for millions of Nigerians guarantee food security and enhance income generation to governments at various levels.

“The Ruga project is not cancelled by federal government but suspended for the review and it will be implemented for the benefit of all Nigerians not only cattle rearers,” Leadership quoted him as saying.

He argued that the cattle herders are Nigerians and their business is legitimate, hence it is their civil right not privilege for the country to support and provide them with enabling environment for doing the business irrespective of their tribal or geographical affiliation.

The governor promised to implement any project or policy that could help local or international businessmen do their businesses easily in Jigawa state.


  1. What are our political leaders doing?Do they realize that this is beyond religion war but tribal war using religion as strategy.They proposed that I for food security, can’t YORUBA or igbo involved in rearing of cattle in their regions?Why are they killing other tribes in the fulani region but claiming right in other TRIBES region?They may be mighty now but there is ALMIGHTY GOD,He SHALL FRUSTRATE AND DISGRACE them,in Jesus name!

  2. It is tragic if some people in leadership position chose to be a confusionist behaving and talking as if they are gods. What is being said here is just pitching the Fulanis against the rest ethnic groups. But I hope these ethnic leaders understand that this is 21st century and the antics employed by Othman Dan Fodio in conquering other peoples lands would not work this time around and if care is not taken, the fulanis stands the chance.of being driven away from Nigeria with their obsession of wanting to conquer other peoples lands and being above the law. Leaders should be agents of change and I expect this governor to concentrate on how he can transform animal husbandry in his state into a very attractive and lucrative business for his people. If he wants RUGA implemented in his state, pls let him go ahead and will advise he takes a cue from the model in Kwara state rather than threatening southern states who do not want RUGA

  3. If the federal government don’t know how things is done he must take a look a what Anambra state government has just launch called EFI Igbo that is how it’s been done, hope he will budget 2 billion naira for that admirable by the Anambra state government making budget for terrorist squad so called herders so Bihari buckle up in your thinking

  4. Nigerians the FG took away our rights to own a gun and empowered Fulani with weapons and liesence to kill. Shortly after revoking the license to own a gun they want to implement RUGA on us so they can overpower us

  5. For me ,a leader should lead by example. Ruga is not a right but I see these men planing to take this country by all means. If ruga is a right that means biafra is a right as well.

  6. See ignorance displayed with arrogance. RUGA is a Fulani colonization agenda backed by FG and all Fulanis. RUGA must be resisted to the last.

    • That governor ta”ks like a small boy. Take your cow, we. Happy e efi IGBO,, we know that you have bought AK47 with our money and shared to hudlums from the North to attack us but the God we serve will fight for us

    • That governor ta”ks like a small boy. Take your cow, we. Happy e efi IGBO,, we know that you have bought AK47 with our money and shared to hudlums from the North to attack us but the God we serve will fight for us

  7. This men are evil, they are up to something. I dont know yet, but I suspect its Fulani agenda. So, because its their right, that is why you empower them to kill land owners so as to take over? Blood suckers! If I need your house for a business, do I need to kill you so as to have all house for my business or negotiate with you to have a portion? Governor Jigawa state, MBA, I am highly disapointed in you. A good leader watches his uterances.

  8. I see that we don’t want to repair this country we want to destroy the country. Fulani people or herdsmen bokoharam all are from the same northern part of the country they are always killing innocent people mostly the armless Christians. The value cattle more than humans they’re bloody killers in the country. We south south we don’t kill innocent people we always want a better future for our people we don’t kill innocent people we always go against anybody that is trying to stop us like military people and those betrayals. And if our leaders talk to us and the federal government grant us what we want we obey. And we don’t always ask beyond government power what we always ask for is what federal government can easyly do for us. But fulani people or herdsmen Hausa people always ask of what will bring problems and what the government will not easyly provide. Could you imagine ruga. Telling government with force a country that is full of many tribes and religion and culture of different believe that they want each state have cattle of farme. It will not work because thats there trick to capture the country with there herdsmen program by killing innocent people and turn the country to Islamic country that is not going to work god in heaven will destroy there plans weather they plan it spiritual or phisicaly it will not work.

  9. This may is funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Imagine the level of ignorance exposed now.
    I’m loving this.
    That’s why you give them weapons to destroy those who resist them.

  10. Every one has has been talking about RUGA, I am here to educate us that cattle rearing is a business like every other animal husbandry business and as such people doing the business should resort to buying grazing land for there cattle instead of waiting for the government to give them people’s land for free in the disguise of RUGA.. They should go and buy land and keep their cattles there.

  11. U pretend as if u are not a drunker, but u were at sick bed for three (3) month just for doctor to give a report that u are a drunker

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