cobas pureintegrated solutions analyser
cobas pureintegrated solutions analyser

Roche, a multinational healthcare company, has announced the launch of cobas pure integrated solutions in countries accepting the CE mark in sub-Saharan Africa.

This new compact analyser combines three technologies on a single platform helping to simplify daily operations in labs with limited space and resources.

Now more than ever, diagnostic laboratories have proven to be a critical component of our global healthcare system. Medical and laboratory professionals play a key role in delivering optimal patient care, yet they are under significant pressure to deliver accurate and timely results with less resources, the company said in a statement.

Built on the latest technology, cobas pure integrated solutions provides labs with an integrated system that focuses on the automation of manual tasks. This reduces the hands-on maintenance time of technicians to 5 minutes per day which is 80% less than previous generation systems. This can help to improve the productivity of lab personnel whilst also supporting fast delivery of patient results and clinical decision-making.

With a footprint of just two square meters, cobas pure integrated solutions is up to 30% smaller in footprint than previous generation systems.

It is able to perform up to 870 tests per hour whilst providing small to medium sized labs with access to the full clinical chemistry and immunochemistry assay menu from Roche which includes over 230 diagnostic tests across a wide-range of disease areas such as infectious diseases, oncology and cardiology. Cobas pure integrated solutions will enable small to medium sized labs to make better use of their space and expand their offering of high medical value tests for the benefit of patients.

“Roche is committed to driving innovation that enhances accurate and timely diagnostics testing. Our investment in research and development across Africa ensures that we remain well positioned to tackle the growing demands of laboratories in the market,” said Sandra Orta, Corporate General Manager South Africa & Head of Management Center Sub-Saharan Africa Roche Diagnostics. “We are pleased to launch the cobas pure integrated solutions which is designed to simplify complex workflows in small to medium sized labs for fast decision making that prioritises the patient.”

Furthermore, to ensure simple and effective work across healthcare networks, cobas pure provides fully standardised results and operation to cobas pro integrated solutions – Roche’s latest analyser designed for larger labs. Standardisation enables labs to do more work on fewer instruments, through consolidation of workflows, systems and reagents. This results in improved speed and accuracy of care as well as optimised patient management. In addition, cobas pure integrated solutions is fully compatible with the cobas mobile solution, a tablet that integrates multiple Roche applications, allowing laboratory professionals to interact with the analyser from anywhere in the lab.


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