By Adebayo Obajemu and Clement Okpani


No building stands without the foundation. If religion can change or transform bad to good or vice-versa, the factor remains its application. The incoming government functionaries should know that there is God, a nation and the people.

The level of increase of cultism or group identification is indeed a sabotage to the country’s image. You may have been denied an opportunity or a contract because you do not belong to one cult group or the other. The future would be more uncertain because the youth and the elderly are accomplices to this nefarious crime against humanity. This strange religion that exists in the dark will never bring development to this country.

The followers are playing a double-standard life. They are neither here nor there. The government may not set a moral standard for everybody, but it can build an institution that would super cede personal beliefs. Some countries have gone beyond the moon, while others are leading the world. Nigeria still grapples with cultism, corruption, insecurity, unemployment, secession, and diversification of the economy in the 21st century.

Nigerians are watchful and expectant to see a re-direction of purpose and focus towards good leadership. As a nation, where are we? Where are we going? And how do we get there? Religion, if well applied, would provide the necessary answers. Nobody has made the interpreters or teachers of various religions sacred cows.

If they had interpreted or taught the holy books very well, maybe, moral standards or right living wouldn’t be regret. Could it be that those were forced into a particular religion or those that desired it become the cultists that sabotage the religion? These insignificant unpatriotic individuals are in top positions and they are proposing the interest of a group instead of the nation.

To have an organized nation, the new government should change their attitude to get a new result. If they go the old way, they would be worse than previous governments. The enemy of man is not who created him, but who he believes in. the same man that

always wants to kill does not mistakenly wants to be killed. Whose blood is worth shedding on the platform of fanaticism or bigotry? Nigerian should have mutual love and respect for one another.

The government should place value and dignity on human life through law making and enforcement. The present government should encourage sanctity on human life of any cadre of the society, personal growth and development, unity in diversity, hardwork, equity, justice and fairness. Teachers and extroverts of various religion should direct their followers on the above principles of nationhood. Don’t forget that there is God, a nation and the people. The level of indiscipline in the country must be curtailed. How selfish is the man or woman who owns everything when some people under his or her watch goes to bed with an empty stomach? Public offices should be made less attractive.

The wrong system already in place must be corrected. We cannot expect a new result

with our old method.



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