Prophet S.O Akinpelu calls for southeast presidency, blasts political class
Oludele Akinpelu

Adebayo Obajemu

Popular prophet, Oludele Akinpelu, the presiding pastor of Freedom Church Ministries, has urged the political class to allow for president of Igbo extraction.

He made this call in the first statement issued  at the end of his annual 41- day of prayers and fasting last Sunday.

He declared that unless politicians repented and sought the face of the Lord, sudden punishment awaited them for bringing the country to a shameful low in the eyes of the international community.

In his message to Nigerians, he urged the people to repent and seek the path of righteous living, adding that the current insecurity situations in the country calls for concerted prayers on the side of both Christians and Moslems .

The popular prophet noted for prophetic utterances which normally come to pass, added that for the sake of equity and fairness, the southeast of the country should be allowed to produce the next president of the country.
” For the sake of equity and justice, i urge all presidential contenders from all parts of the country in all the parties to withdraw for southeast candidates who will then sort themselves out in the primary. A nation can not survive if it is built on injustice, honestly, my heart is with the people of the southeast on the issue of 2023 presidential ticket. And i know I’m not alone in this. Pa Ayo Adebanjo expressed similar sentiment. That’s the way to go if this country must survive.”

It could be recalled that last June in his open air crusade in Ikare Akoko which attracted over five hundred thousand people, he prophesied that the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic would wane in Nigeria as from the first quarters of 2023, he also said that unless fervent prayers were offered a notable religious leader in Nigeria would die in the first quarters of this year. All the prophecies have since come to pass.

He attributed the worsening insecurity in the country to the activity of forces of darkness who are bent on foisting a sinister agenda on the country, cashing in on poverty and illiteracy to recruit army of jobless illiterates to carry out their agenda.

He blamed the current administration for not doubling down on counter measures against bandits, wondering why the administration is reluctant to name individuals fingered as sponsors of banditry, but added that divine punishment awaited those sponsoring insecurity which had led to loss of lives of innocent citizens of the country.



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