Osun Guber: Obi, Labour Party leaders storm Osogbo for Lasun

By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

Ahead of Saturday’s governorship election in Osun state, the presidential candidate for Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has assured the people of the state of good governance if the candidate of the party, Rt. Hon. Lasun Yussuff emerges victorious in the coming election.

Obi who was in Osun at a mega rally organised by the party alongside the leaders of the party across the country, urged the citizens of the state not to leave their destiny in the hand of those that have put the nation in darkness for the past 22 years, saying it’s the time for them to safeguard the future of their children by voting Labour Party .

According to him, the major political parties that have ruled the nation’s for 22 years have failed us.

Obi argued that, Labour party, being the party of the masses have come with a lots of goodies for the masses.

“Somebody said they will labour till death, when they talk like that, when they show you hatred, LP will show them love, there is dignity in labour, LP said we want to move Nigeria from consumption to production you cannot do production without labour, so there is dignity in labour and those who have laboured will get their reward, that is what we want to do in Nigeria, we don’t want monkey to work again, baboon to chop.

“We don’t want anybody to die, we want everybody to live, we want the baboon to live, we want them to join monkey in working. We want the baboon to join the monkey to work, we want the two of them to live and chop so when they talk about dying, pray for them to live. We want Nigerians to be shown love, care, let nobody tell you he is from this place or that place, vote for competence.

“Vote for LP, vote for the future of your children we are going to introduce you to a governor who will be committed to better Osun State; that is what we want. Don’t collect money and vote incompetence. If you do, the next four years it will be worse, or as the chairman said collect the money and keep it, vote for your conscience.

“They have no job, no food, your children are not in school, their children are schooling overseas, this is the time for you to recover Nigeria, this is the time for you to take back Nigeria they are owing salaries, they are owing pensions, those people that are working have not been paid,” he noted.

While speaking, the Labour Party governorship candidate, Hon. Yusuf said he is fully ready to govern the state with the support of the people of the state.

Hon Lasun who appealed to the teeming members at the rally said, “we are the one living here, we established companies here. I’ll tell you how they are not humans. They came four years ago and said they are giving us a financial engineer. It’s over three and a half years but the financial engineer did not engineer anything.

“As if that is not enough, yesterday they said we can go and labour and die. Does a virtuous Yoruba person say such? I describe them as people of anonymous background. We don’t know them. Their life is anonymous. They just want us to see that they have money. Yoruba, can money do all things?

“This is the seat of Oduduwa. Anybody who calls himself a Yoruba man and has refused to imbibe the ethos of Omoluabi does not fit to be a Yoruba leader. How will you tell us to go and labour and die. They are only telling our parents that they have laboured in vain.

“My father was a carpenter and my mother a kolanut trader and they trained me in school with their labour.

“Politics is about your capacity to articulate your position and your intention to serve the people. But they are not serving us. Sound education, proper healthcare will be possible when I become the governor. The citizens will have at least one clinic that is accessible to all within the radius of 1km and that was the position of Olukoye Ransome-Kuti when he was alive.

“They don’t know. The sitting governor said he has rehabilitated 332 healthcare centers, one in each ward. Are they accessible, did you see one close to you?

“We will use agriculture to restore the economy. I will do targeted infrastructure. These people don’t understand governance and budgeting, that’s why they will go and do infrastructure that will stand alone. You borrow money to invest. You finance your budget from taxes. They don’t know it. The other two that are important to me when I become the governor, I am going to create a data center at the headquarter of every local government. For the first time, we ought to know how many are we. At the data center, your details will be captured and your biometrics.

“By July 16, I know Osun State will vote for me and it will shock them. Studies all over the world have shown that women are excluded from the economy and women are more than half of the population. So, when you exclude half of the population from the economy, poverty will definitely be huge” Lasun added.

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