Taribo West
Pastor West


Nigerians have taken to social media to make fun of one of their football heroes, Pastor Taribo West for wrongly predicting victory for U.S. President, Donald Trump over his Democratic Party rival, Joe Biden in the country’s presidential election held last week.

Pastor West, a former Super Eagles defender who also played for a number of clubs in Europe, notably Inter Milan in Italy, told members of his church, Shelter in the Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nation, Lagos, which he founded in 2014, that Trump was going to edge out Biden by a slim margin.

Speaking in a now trending video, West had regretted that he predicted correctly the winners of governorship elections in Edo and Ondo states, but was never acknowledged for his prophecy because nobody mentioned it on social media.

He thus enjoined his congregation to ensure that his prediction about U.S election got out before the election.

“Before the election in Edo, I said (Godwin) Obaseki will win. Is that true? Did he win?” West asked members of his church who answered him, “Yes sir.”

He went on to complain that, “Nobody said it anywhere; nobody quote it anywhere. I said it here before the election.

“I also said before the Ondo election that (Rotimi) Akeredolu will will win. Did he win?”

“He won,” the church members responded.

“Now I want you to shoot this out the way I want it. Donald Trump will win the election with with slight edge over Joe Biden, so quote me. I want it to be out before time. ”

Biden has however, won the election. Although votes are still being counted in few states, the 78-year-old Democratic Party candidate has since secured 290 electoral college votes, much more than the 270 needed to win, while Trump has 214 votes.

Biden is also edging President Trump in the less significant popular vote, amassing, thus far, 50.8 percent to Trump’s 47.5 percent.

The president is however, alleging without much evidence, that there were vote fraud and has since filed a plethora of lawsuits challenging the outcome of the election in key states won by Biden.

Meanwhile, Nigerians on twitter are making fun of the former footballer over the failed prediction.

“Surprised you knew/know octopus paul Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy,” wrote a Twitter user, Devil’s Advocate @pro_crastina8or. “Anyway I bet Taribo will say Trump won but it was rigged to favor biden Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat.”

Another user, Olashope Olugbenro @Obashope, said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Taribo West just went South with his prophesy….its a red card offense.”

Another user, Consigliere @therealokolie wrote, “Was it not same Taribo West that told Marcelo Lippi that God revealed to him that he should start a certain football match? Lippi simply told him he haven’t received the message from God.”