An NGO, DSK Foundation, on Friday, advised Nigerians to brace up for tough times after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Chief David Kente, Chairman of the Foundation and a philanthropist, advised a news conference in Abuja.

Kente said the Nigerian society and world at large, might not be the same again after the battle against COVID-19 must have been won.

He said that COVID-19 was real and not a scam as being peddled by some groups, adding that Nigerians should be more bothered about the aftermath of the pandemic.

“No matter how long Coronavirus lingers, it will be defeated and as an economist and businessman, the current situation implies that the economy will be highly affected as a result of the pandemic.

“The fact that for almost a month now, production and distribution have stopped in Nigeria, is an indication that hard time is ahead

“This requires the setting up of a strong think tank by the Federal and State Governments to draw a blueprint and reassess the economic policies, then come up with a new major programme that will assist the economy,” he said.

He said that with the current low price of crude oil in the international market, things were going to be tough in the country.

He added that only strong people and institutions would survive the backlash because several jobs and businesses would be affected.

He said Nigerians should support their families by involving in agricultural production, no matter how little the scale

Kente, who is also a member, representing Taraba state in the North East Development Commission ( NEDC) said that the DSK Foundation was breaking barriers of poverty among widows, orphans and vulnerable.

He said the goal of the foundation was to contribute to the well being of the rural people and the urban poor communities, by initiating ideas and programmes that met the challenges of their day to day activities.

Kente said the foundation had empowered 2,000 youths and 4,200 women for small scale business enterprises in Taraba state and provided several interventions on education, health and basic amenities to rural dwellers and the IDPs.

He disclosed that the NGO was also packaging Ramadan palliatives for the Muslim communities in Taraba to provide relief during this fasting period. (NAN)


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