Idris Eshoayeremia Abdulkadir

By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

A middle-aged-man, Idris Eshoayeremia Abdulkadir, has appealed to well meaning people to assist him to survive the chronic kidney disease (CKD).

AbdulKadir was diagnosed of CKD in December 2019 at Al Qassimi Hospital Sharja.

He explained that all efforts to get relief from the ailment have been futile as transplant has been the only option.

According to him, he has spent so much on dialysis to sustain living. He appealed to the people to passionately donate for him to get N10million for the transplant.

He said, “Around May 2020, I was fortunate to be granted about 50 sessions of dialysis by Sharja Charity, which lasted until September 2020.

“During this period I applied for both residence and company license with the hope that meager profits from labour contracts awarded to my company could be saved for my transplant surgery.

“Unfortunately, I could not secure a single contract or job since the establishment of my company due to my unstable health condition.

“In September 2020, I approached Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abdudabi for transplant and they assured me that charity will cater for it after my registration with them.

“After several test, I was told that my mum was a perfect match. My three siblings could not donate because they are hypertensive. My mum flew down to UAE in January 2021 in company of my younger sister for further evaluation at their transplant centre prior to surgery.

“On our first visit to the hospital, I was told that their charity could not cater for the surgery since my visa bears Dubai and not Abdudabi. I was referred to Dubai Hospital and on getting there I was told that charity for kidney transplant is available for only UAE citizens and not residents.

“Ideally, I am supposed to have three dialysis sessions in a week (at N260, 000 per week) Since the free dialysis by Sharja Charity lapsed in September 2020. Due to lack of fund, I have been paying for only a dialysis session (at the rate of N86,450 per session) in a week from the money sent to me by family and sympathizers and whenever there was complication due to irregular dialysis, Al-qassimi Hospital do give me treatment on charity at their emergency section. My mum is my only hope for donorship as all my siblings are hypertensive patients. I am afraid that my inability to raise fund and get transplant done is affecting her overall health.

“On making enquiries at various hospitals in UAE, I realized the cost of the kidney transplant ranges between N27million and #30million. Zenith Hospital, the number one kidney transplant center in Nigeria with the highest success rate have their total package in the range of N8million to N10million.

“I hereby request for support of any kind as my health is fast deteriorating and my kidney condition is at the end stage.”

IDRIS ESHOAYEREMIA ABDULKADIR, Account number 0034673202 (ACCESS BANK), brother’s phone number is 08034864221 and wife’s phone number is 08138086432.


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