By John Kokome

This is a clarion call to all Nigerians irrespective of age, gender, tribe, religion, political affiliation; it is time for us to come together to make this country work again. We may not always agree on all issues, but for ones let us agree to make Nigeria work.

Although tribes and tongues may differ in brotherhood we stand as one, in order to lead the way for other African countries to follow suit. The only hope Africa as a continent has is that, Nigeria will one day lead the way for the liberation of the continent economically and politically. Our country is indeed a force to be reckoned with not just in Africa but the world. Therefore, we must change the ugly narrative of disunity among our people to be able to provide the much-expected leadership for the continent. However, we must set our house in order; charity they say begins at home.

Therefore, we must put our differences aside, and focus on the bigger picture which is to building a heterogeneous society; where the oppressed will no longer be oppressed, where there will be equal right, fairness and justice for all, where no one will be discriminated against based on his or her tongue, where the majority and the minority will both have their say on how the country is governed, where as citizens we will be able to live freely in any part of the without any fear of threat to life and property.

However, it is reassuring to see leaders rising up to speak on the need to chart a new course for the country. I am particularly, impressed by the resolution reached by the Southern Governors during their recent meeting in Asaba, Delta State to lend their voices on the way forward for the country. We hope this will not be a mere talk, but marched with the required action plan for us to see the result. The Governors must endeavor to “walk the talk” for them to be taken seriously.

In the coming days or weeks, I look forward to seeing their counter-parts from the North to do the same in the interest of the country. This is a collective responsibility we all owe the country. No matter your political, economic, religious or social status, you and I have a role to play in rebuilding our country to a more peaceful and prosperous nation to the delight of our people, the African continent and indeed, the international community. Nigeria is currently bleeding but we have a duty to as a people to stop the bleeding by our actions and inactions. This is our home; we have no choice than to make it work again.

There is only one solution to the multifaceted problems beleaguering this country and once the solution is applied, every other thing will naturally fall in place. Restructure! Restructure!! Restructure!!!
Let the restructuring process begin in earnest. I leave us with the famous song by Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adegeye aka King Sunny Ade:

Come make we lift am o!
Lift make I lift
Come, make we lift Nigeria up
Lift, make I lift
This Nigeria na we own
Make e no pafuka
No place wey be like our home
Home, sweet home
Make we join hands and think alike
Lift make I lift…!

John Kokome
A Communications Strategist & Public Affairs Analyst writes from Lagos


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