My achievements in one year in infrastructure surpasses those of previous govts - Adeleke
Ademola Adeleke

Olusesan Laoye

The past three weeks have been very tough for the Adeleke’s political dynasty in Osun State, as the family has been confronted with major issues, which have put them in the eyes of the storm.

The issues concern the involvement of the elder sister of the governor, the handshake palaver with the Ooni of Ife, the controversial N10 billion for entertainment in the 2024 budget and the latest, which was the suspension of the State’s Chief judge.

All these issues, which they kept defending, one after the other, revolved around the integrity of the government and style of governance, of Senator Ademola Adeleke, who is currently at the helms of affairs of Osun State.

Since Senator Ademola Adeleke assumed office, he has stunned the people of the State with his performance, and the boldness with which he has been carrying them out.

The government has been receiving kudos from.the people, especially, in the areas of road construction, the zeal to industrialize the state and making efforts to make it one of the most vibrant and investors friendly in Nigeria.

The way the PDP government in Osun State began therefore, gave the people the hope of a better future. But the recent issues have made some people to cast aspersions on the government while supporters of the governor, who believe that he and his team have been doing their best, to condemn the campaign of calumny.

They are also convinced that Governor Adeleke’s actions so far, are with good intentions and for the greater developments of the state of the living Spring.

Adeleke’s actions they argued have improved democracy and he has brought the hope of the people back, that Osun State’s potentials would be fully tapped to improve their living conditions.

Although, Governor Adeleke seemed undaunted and kept carrying on the affairs of governance, his initial posture to shun insinuations and attacks in him, which become rife in recent times has eventually reached alarming point, when he could no longer be ignored. The allegations, kept coming, one after the other, which the oppositions are capitalizing on, to fight the family, the government and the PDP in Osun State.

The first baptism of fire which Adeleke faced as soon as he took over the affairs of the state, was that of the dethronement of some traditional rulers in the state, which the heat generated distracted him before being eventually subdued.

Then, came the the issue of appointments, especially the appointment of the son of his late brother, and wife.

Although that of the wife of his late brother and first civilian governor of Osun State, Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, did not bother the people, that of his son, a nephew of Demola Adeleke, as chairman of the Local government service commission, regarded as highly sensitive board, generated so much heat, simply because the person so appointed was still a youth corper, without the prerequisite experience to manage such an important and sensitive appointment that required highly experienced politician, technocrat or a seasoned administrator.

Just as that had died down and the people seem to have let go, came the current issues over the power so much wielded by the eleder sister of the governor, Dupe Adeleke- Sanni, who is now being seen as the de-facto governor of Osun State.

There were several issues and allegations in the public space, against Madam Adeleke-Sanni, such as the allegations that the government is being administered in her house, the issue of vehicles to the local government, the mini buses now in circulation and the subtle agitations by the top civil servant, who alleged that they were fed up, of having to wait for approval of their expenditures from the Adeleke’s sister.

Not that alone, it was alleged that nothing goes on in government, including the appointments of board members of corporations and parastatals, without the approval of Mrs. Adeleke Sanni.

What is actually trending about Adeleleke himself, is the alleged shunning a handshake with the Oni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye, Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II at a function and the suspension of the state’s Chief Judge,judge, Justice Oyebola Ojo, who apparently happens to come from Ede, the same town as the governor.

With all these happening within the space of the time that Adeleke has ascended the rein of power, the questions being asked by the people is, who actually runs the affairs of government, as it is believed that the power that be, lies somewhere else?

Although, the governor by virtue of the presidential system in Nigeria, has the power to hire and fire, the events of the past have made many in Osun state to want to accept the fact, that the government is on autopilot and the impression is that some people outside government run the state.

All these, it was alleged led to the allegations that the governor’s sister was involved in the purchase of cars for the local governments, the allegations which has been so far denied by all the agencies of government appointed to do so.

Further, the issue of the N10 billion said to have been allocated for food and entertainment in the governor’s office made an organisation known as the Osun Workers Union (OWU) to come out openly to attack the governor and the family of not being sensitive to the agony, which the citizens of the state have been going through for over a year now.

The workers berated the government for misleading the people over the N10billion budgeted for the governor, out of the N274 billion, which was tagged budget of recovery.

The union which the government has claimed did not exist, because, the only recognized Labour bodies in the state are the NLC, TUC and JNC, pointed out that the statement by the commissioner of Information and Public enlightenment, Chief Kolapo Alimi, which debunked its claim was a lie and to discredit the government and to trivialise the matter.

“We insist that Governor Adeleke, without notice to members of the public, as expected by the fine legislative tradition, arm-twisted his lapdog in the state assembly, Speaker Wale Egbedun, to insert strictly for the Office of the Governor a sum of N10billion in the 2023 Supplementary Budget.
“Whereas in the approved budget for 2023 signed by ex-Governor Oyetola, N6.6billion was to go for the office of the Governor with N1.17billion of it to handle salary of civil servants; in the revised version done by Adeleke, the Office of the Governor is now to gulp N16.6billion.What does the governor need N16billion for in his office?”

The union did not also stop at that, it pointed out that “While extra N6.5billion has been allocated for food, expensive entertainment and luxury lifestyles of Governor Adeleke and the charlatans around him in the supplementary budget, nothing was voted for civil servants working in his office.”
Osun Workers Union also said that “of the N1.17b earmarked for personnel cost in the original budget, only N551m, representing 46.9%, had been paid to workers as at September 2023 by the Adeleke administration.”
The statement also indicated that, “while Governor Adeleke has reduced the subvention due to the Osun State University, for example by 60%, struggled to pay just N1.9billion of the total N5.4billion budgeted for the institution, he has allocated a humongous N3.6b for renovation of his office and other inessential properties created for his personal comfort in the name of capital projects.”
On the state government’s claim that the N9 billion FG palliative fund is safe, the union challenged the Osun State government to disclose details of the commercial banks, where the said N9 billion is domiciled.

“What Osun workers and citizens need now is money to buy food and take care of their basic needs. Governor Adeleke should provide this for them now as other state governors are doing for their workers and citizens.”
As a matter of fact, the issues on the table have generated so much reactions and have also pitched, government official serving under Adeleke with leaders of the oppositions..

For instance, the National Secretary of the APC, Senator Basiru, Ajibola and the special Adviser on

Legal matters to governor Adeleke, Hashim Abioye, are at each others throat, over the on going insinuations concerning the level of involvements and the extent to which members of of the Adeleke family, have been involved in the governance of the state.

The APC National Secretary at a news conference recently, did not hide his feelings, as he alleged that, Gov. Adeleke, is under the influence of his family and he specifically mentioned Mrs. Dupe Adeleke-Sanni, his elder sister.

He also alleged that the governor of Osun State, has failed to use the advantage of the increase in government allocation, to improve the the state, which he has promised.

But the special adviser to Adeleke would not swallow that allegation, and has shot back at the APC scribe, warning him to be mindful of the way he talks about the governor, saying, that the utterances of Ajibola would not be tolerated, as it was a disrespect to the office, which Adeleke is presently occupying.

He believed that the action of the ex-senator was as a result of the bitterness he has been harbouring for not being able to go back to the Senate for a second term.

“It is clear that Basiru was bitter at the peace and tranquility that is reigning within the Adeleke family, hence his many unfounded allegations and vituperation at a governor, who is delivering dividends of democracy to the people of Osun State.”
“He should come out open if he has any personal problem with the governor’s elder sister, Yeye Dupe Adeleke-Sanni, especially with the kind of affectionate bond and love among the Adelekes, who are renowned for always rallying round and supporting members of their family in all walks of life.”

However, the APC scribe again lampooned, Adeleke’s adviser calling him an incompetent adviser and branded the PDP government in Osun state as “ignoramus”

On the allegations that Governor Adeleke was disrespectful to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi, the commissioner of information, Alimi, said it was the opposition that twisted and misinterpreted the action of the governor at the reception for the coronation of Senator Olabiyi by the Osemawe of Ondo land.

The issue of the suspension of the State Chief judge, Justice Oyebola Ojo, despite the Federal Industrial Court order in Ibadan, that the governor, agents, the Attorney General of the state and the State Assembly, should not suspend her, pending the determination of the case before it, is becoming worrisome and has also created another controversy and legal matters around Adeleke.

kola Olabisi, APC Publicity secretary described the PDP government of Adeleke as being vindictive acrimonious and always feigning, acceptability, talking too much with nothing to show for it, the media aide of Adeleke, Olawale described the APC as a sinking boat, whose leaders, have been making irritating comments and always trying to politicised every good actions and intentions of the PDP government of Adeleke.


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