Home Business ELAN’s National Lease Conference Focuses on Stimulating Valuable Investments for Sustainable Growth

ELAN’s National Lease Conference Focuses on Stimulating Valuable Investments for Sustainable Growth

Olutoyin Okeowo, Chairman, ELAN Board of Director
Olutoyin Okeowo, Chairman, ELAN Board of Directors

In furtherance of its objective of promoting the business of leasing in Nigeria, Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria (ELAN) has concluded plans to organise the 16th Annual National Lease Conference with focus on the economy. The conference is the highest gathering of stakeholders in the leasing industry and a platform for brainstorming on issues pertinent to the development of leasing in Nigeria and the economy.

This year’s conference with the theme “Enhancing the Value Propositions of Leasing to Nigeria’s Economy”, shall be held on Thursday, 15th November, 2018 at Mitros Residences Hotel, Ibara – Abeokuta, Ogun State.

While commenting on this development, the Chairman, Board of Directors ELAN, Olutoyin Okeowo stated that “this year’s programme is packaged, to stimulate valuable investments for sustainable growth and development in our national economy. Essentially, it is expected to further entrench the value propositions of equipment leasing to developmental initiatives, explore the emerging opportunities in our national economy, and create effective platform for business networking.

Also. the conference will provide direct engagement platform to tap into the new horizon of  Ogun State Government “Ogun State is Open For Business”.  In recent years the State is fast turning into a major industrial hub and provides enormous business opportunities for leasing.

The event, which marks the 16th Anniversary of the National Lease Conference, is expected to attract high net worth professionals and organisations from within and outside leasing industry, including government, financial institutions, lessors, professional service providers, equipment vendors, insurance firms, investing public etc, with renowned experts discussing relevant topics that would further engender the contributions of leasing to the development of the Nigerian economy.

According to the Chairman, leasing has over the years gained significant global recognition as a creative financing alternative for the acquisition of capital assets. “In Nigeria, it has continued to contribute to national development, creating wealth and improving the economy. In the last 10 years, the leasing industry added assets worth over N8.09trillion to capital formation in the Nigerian economy”. In 2017, outstanding lease volume stood at N1.44trillion, up from N1.26tillion in 2016, representing a growth rate of 14.5 percent. The impactful visibility of leasing is increasing in various sectors of the economy and exhibits a brighter future given its developmental attributes. The appeal of leasing lies in the fact that it meets the diverse needs of the equipment user.

The whole essence of leasing is to enhance the planning, improvement and development of any economy. The fact that leasing facilitates long and convenient access to capital equipment goes to show the unique role of leasing in building and supporting productive ventures especially to those that do not have significant asset base. Thus, a company can conserve its funds for other productive purposes rather than spending heavily on the purchase of assets  

The Chairman therefore called on all stakeholders to be a part of this great event to leverage business networking opportunities, leasing value propositions and market dynamics, reiterating that the conference offers a veritable platform to further enhance corporate visibility and get partners more connected to theirr target markets.