Nigerian soldiers

There was heavy exchange of gunfire in Orlu, Imo State, between Nigerian soldiers and some unknown gunmen in Orlu, Imo State on Thursday.

About eight gunmen were said to have been killed in the incident, while some security forces were reportedly injured.

Eyewitnesses told our correspondent that sounds of explosives and machine guns rented the air.

It was gathered that the incident which started early hours of Thursday around Banana Junction, ended at about 9:30pm with the final battle at Nkwito Junction.

Reports say eight vehicles were recovered from the said hoodlums, as well as sophisticated ammunitions which they used to challenged the joint security forces.

“There an ongoing war here in Orlu as I speak,” a witness told BH on Thursday. “Bombs and other explosives are being detonated. For over an hour, there has been continuous firing of machine guns and Ak-47 rifles.”

The witness said tension started building two days ago when soldiers stormed Orlu with armoured tanks and other military hardware.

“For two days now, soldiers have been in Orlu firing shots and harassing residents,” the witness said.

“But today, things have gotten out of hand. It appears that unknown gunmen came to confront them. The kind of gunshots being fired is similar to what you would hear in a war situation. There had been confrontations in the past but nothing close to this.”


  1. Every community, town, city in Igboland under interim government of Biafra Republic, must eliminate fulani caliphate thugs called military, police etc. within their community, town, city now for existence securities and freedom under Biafra Republic. Slaughter fulani caliphate thugs called military, police etc. from all directions and take their weapons, Burn Down their barracks etc. and take their weapons for existence securities and freedom under Biafra Republic of south east within Disintegrated Republics of this territory natives.

    Interim governing council of Biafra Republic led by Prof. Nnaji and Ifeanyi Uba as deputy must deploy Biafra military, police etc. now. Only the Sword decides.

  2. The army should mount tight security in all entry and exit spot in the area. They should make sure no one leaves or come in while they search and arrest all ESN members. Who even gave them those guns they are using to fight the security agents?.


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