Do you have a dream ecommerce idea yearning to go live, or have you just suffered an ear-biting bout with the Mike Tysons of the hosting world?

ear bitingBefore you make some hasty decisions about which hosting company you should use for your next big idea, please read this.

Many site owners have suffered untold losses from mis-information and by being with poor hosts.

In my more than 20 years experience with web development, dealing with newspaper websites, itinerant net-preneurs, corporate and government agencies,  I’ve had a fair share of incidences which had me hospitalized, no thanks to hosts like HostGator and GoDaddy.

Many of these hosts are quick to bait you with ‘great deals’ with one hand and with the other, wield a baseball bat to club you into confinement. An example you should avoid like COVID, is the EIG web hosting group.

EIG is short for Endurance International Group. Although EIG owns some of the most popular hosting providers in the world. But of course, “popular” doesn’t always mean “high-quality.” If you want good hosting for your site, you need to look for non-EIG hosting companies. The EIG focuses more on cost-cutting and profit maximization other than their core responsibilities.

Despite the huge advertisement budget, a google search of the Endurance International Group will help you to make informed hosting decisions. You should also visit Trust Pilot and study the negative reviews.

HostgatorHostGator once devastated my company with the loss of 6 years of journalistic materials, the efforts of more than a hundred reporters across Nigeria, over some shady server fault. Talk about hosts who have totally lost value.

I’m certain that other site owners have also suffered untold losses running on poor, shady hosts before they became wiser.


Are you a net-prenuer?

You need to first of all, get yourself clear with hosting your business. It is principal to your success online.

So my discovery of koerge was a blessing and a thorough relief. I got lazy over the  support personnel who handled my own errors like nothing happened, thriving on the idea that they sleep better when you sleep better.

blaze techSince I discovered koerge, I have not looked back. I guess they thrive on more referrals than on some bogus advertising budgets and gimmicks.

Perhaps you are in doubt, check them out here or on and decide for yourself.

Better to sleep with your eyes closed than have nightmares over crazy hosts who rob you of your resources and lie to your face.

For me, I think your best bet is koerge,

g7 blueAnd I’ll recommend koerge to anyone in need of a great host any day, for those who desire that incredible performance. Did I mention affordability? Oh, my bad! You can check their ratings on You should try koerge. I have had no regrets.


Check their ratings on You should try this affiliate link too.

Disclosure: You may decide to visit directly of visit via this link , but if you do, I may get some small commission.

Whatever choice you take, I suggest you get yourself some peace of mind and expect better prospects from a year that has crippled the world and drowned hopes.

Goodluck with your efforts


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