2023: The south has no choice but to vote Tinubu - Support group

The 100% Focus Movement, a support group for Bola Tinubu, All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, has said the south does not have a choice but to vote for the former Lagos governor.

Ibrahim Mohammed, chairman of the group said this while speaking at a parley in Abuja on Thursday.

Mohammed said the entire south needs to vote for him as an appreciation for what he has done in the region.

The chairman said convincing people in the north to vote for Tinubu might be a challenge because many of them feel power should still be in the north.

“We don’t have anything to say to the south-west to vote for Asiwaju. It is not an option for them, they need to (vote him) because he has given back to them. It is the only way to say thank you. So I don’t have to go and convince the south-west, even the south entirely,”

“Where I have a problem is where I come from, which is the north. So they are thinking that there is a mistake and they believe the next government is meant to come from the north.

“We are saying no, that it is not supposed to be that way, Nigeria is not meant for only us (north).

“Technically and as far as I am concerned, we only have north, west and south-east and south-west. There is nothing like south-south. If there is, where is south-west west or south-west south.

“He (Tinubu) needs to become the president so that my people south-west, the Hausas will have peace.”

Speaking earlier, Labib Mahmood, a coordinator in the group, said Tinubu has the experience to tackle the challenges confronting the country.

“We have seen a leader (Tinubu) who has had organic growth. He was a senator, became a governor, became a regional leader and national leader within 20 years,” Mahmood said.

“He has had enough experience to tackle the complexities and difficulties of our beloved country and that is why we are focusing 100 percent on Jagaban.



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