Akintunde Akinyemi Alade is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos. He is the brain behind Dynamix, one of Nigeria’s most influential youth initiatives. The young entrepreneur who also has his hands in properties and hospitality business speaks to Toyin Komolafe on finding his passion and his plans for the future.



What inspired you to start Dynamix?

First of all the Dynamix award and Dynamix on TV started from the magazine when I was the social director for my faculty in UNILAG. I wanted to give back to my immediate community then I realized a celebrity magazine was lacking in the school. I then created an avenue where you can have your birthdays, dinners and awards in the magazine, I started and before I knew it, I started getting calls from others schools. Then we felt we can actually reward young people and celebrate ourselves, this brought about the award. Subsequently,  people started calling that they want their parties on TV so it is a replication of the magazine.

How do you cope doing something you didn’t study?

When I realized that I may need a connection to get a job, I had to look for an alternative since I didn’t have any. I looked inward, and being a social person who likes meeting people, I considered the idea of being a magazine editor and I had built a team who had the same drive and skills. Like I say, I don’t believe in impossibility, with the right people around me, I was ready to learn. Really, you need to build a team who have the same drive.

Do you know you were going to come this far when you started?

Well I knew I was actually going to achieve, because I pray to God whenever I want to venture into something. I was focused, I knew the magazine was going to work but the award and TV wasn’t planned for. Within a year, we had started going to London, Ghana, reporting and covering Nigerian shows.

What will you say about Nigerian youths?

Nigerian youths are the best set of youths, we are strong and energetic and we really need to channel our energy to more positive things. Nigerian youths are smart but a few will go through short cut. Every part of the world, you see Nigerian youths doing fine. In most competitions in Africa, we take upper hands. We are great if only we can channel our energy towards great things, Nigeria will be a better place.

Who would you blame for the lackadaisical behaviour among the youths?

First I will say the upbringing of a child matters a lot. I don’t want to know how much money I will make from a dubious act that will entice me. I was thought that whatever I gain from my own sweat will always be mine. Then the environment most youths are bought up, seeing their uncles and aunties involve in dubious act. They travel abroad, not doing anything worth celebrating, and they come back to Nigeria riding flashy cars.


How do you think government can promote entrepreneurship?

There should be very good economy and a leveling ground for businesses to thrive, electricity is  a major issue which should be worked on. The government should provide a leveling ground for youths to make money. In our company, we get proposals from young people that they want to come and work with us, we try to absorb some, but there are still thousands and millions of them. Government have to put structures that will foster entrepreneurship in place.

What inspires you?

God and young people who are focused, entrepreneurs and those doing fine in their field. I like hanging out with great minds, but God is my utmost inspiration. The success story of young other young people inspires me. Really, I am thrilled by young intelligent people.

Initial challenges?

It was that of money and acceptance; the money to print a magazine of a better quality. Getting sponsors and advertisement and getting dedicated young individuals to work with was another challenge.

Who are your major influences?

Dele Momodu because Dynamix magazine was from the concept of his own magazine, he was doing his for the older ones but I felt I could do something for the younger folks. Also, my mum who trained me that in business, it is better you make use of the little capital you have instead of borrowing from people. My team who inform me of any new development as regards the job are also a major influence. I do not have mentors outside the country because their environment is different from mine.

You have never applied for a paid employment, how is it working for yourself?

I have been self reliant since I was thirteen when I lost my dad. I have met people of class and influence, I have been able to attain financial independence, I have also been able to help other young people, employ, do some charities and have a good standard of living, I am comfortable and I thank God.

Philosophy of life

Do for others what you want them to do for you, enjoy life but be very careful, appreciate time because time waits for no one.

What are your future aspirations?

I want to venture into other businesses so I can leave inheritance from my children’s children. Buying and selling of properties is one business I love so much. For now, my aim is improving on the quality of what we do presently.

What is your biggest dream?

Is to wake up one day and see that I am feeding and paying the school fees of over one thousand people without even feeling it. You can’t say you have lived if you didn’t touch lives.

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs?

My honest advice for Nigerian other young entrepreneurs is that they should believe in themselves. Your background shouldn’t put your back to the ground, do not let your present circumstances limit you. Don’t waste your talent, when you are in school you can have a business because the more years and experience you invest into it, the more it grows and become big and better. Also education is good and short cut success does not last. If you work hard God will appreciate you and bless you more.


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