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VIDEO: Indian students attack Nigerian counterparts at Gurgaon University



VIDEO: Indian students attack Nigerian counterparts at Gurgaon University

Indian students have reportedly forced out about 60 Nigerian students from the campus of Gurgaon University following a rift between them (Nigerians) and the local students while playing football.

A local tabloid in the country, Indian Express, reported that the Gurgaon Police have registered cross-fires against each group of students for allegedly thrashing each other at the football ground on Friday, October 14, 2022, and creating a ruckus.

Sources said officials from the Nigerian Embassy visited the university on Saturday night and enquired about the incident.

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This comes nearly a month after Indian students staged a protest against foreign students allegedly offering namaz (prayer) at the football ground.

The students allegedly raised “Jai Shree Ram” slogans and filed a complaint with the registrar to ask foreign students to offer namaz (prayer) in allotted rooms.

The administration had said the matter was resolved amicably.

Videos from the university on Friday show students protesting and shouting. In one of the videos, a student alleged he was hit by 15-20 foreign students.

A video shared by Ashok Swain, an Indian Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, shows some Indians using sticks and other weapons to attack students he identified as Nigerians.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “Nigerian students are being attacked in a University Campus near Delhi – 30,000 Nigerian students come to study in India paying money, 50,000 Indians live in Nigeria to make money.”

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