The National Coordinator of the Jonathan support group – Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), Ifeanyi Ubah, has revealed that Ndigbo voted for President Goodluck Jonathan in the last presidential election because his government guaranteed them good governance, a merit-based society, conducive business atmosphere, level playing field, security of lives and property as well as infrastructural development of Igboland.
While noting that President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, cannot run a functional government by victimizing people from the South-East for rejecting him at the polls, the business mogul called on the incoming administration to “embrace all Nigerians irrespective of their tribe or tongue.

“Our leaders must build a nation where people get what they deserve and are not deprived of what they rightly deserve on account of where they come from or do not come from.”
Ubah, who bared his mind while speaking with select journalists in Abuja, said, “Ndigbo have a special gift, which any government will be glad to tap into. You cannot do without the Igbo or indeed any ethnic nationality in the scheme of things in Nigeria. So, it is my opinion that General Buhari and APC need to show love to Ndigbo. Once you show any Igbo man that you accommodate him, you can’t imagine what he will do in return. Four years is a long time to reach out and make new friends.”
On whether he has any regret for leading TAN to campaign vigorously for the now-botched re-election bid of President Jonathan, he has this to say, “I have no regrets, but I have also regrets. I supported him because I believe in him. The people made a choice and we have all accepted it. We all have to work to ensure that we keep moving forward as a great nation. There is no time for regrets.

“The task of nation building should be our major pre-occupation. If it comes to the regret of being involved, or participating in the whole political campaign, I love it. It broadened my idea about politics in Nigeria. I have also learnt many things I did not know before.
I think I am developing more day by day in terms of understanding the politics of Nigeria,” he added