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By Prince Eze

When a group of fraudulent individuals front a movement on the pretext of CHANGE, abusing, criticizing and threatening whosoever dare oppose their candidacy and even emergence cum victory at any level of contest via eviction cum quit notice, retrenchment and sack letters, Hostile-confrontations, undue taxation cum discriminatory public services amongst other socio-political and societal-ills, backed by Royal threat to drawn a mass population of migrants in the city lagoons.

Foreign and local observers need not be fooled to believe that the elections were indeed free and fair, other than based its judgment of the election result as emanating from a state of emergency. However, it wouldn’t be out of place to critically examine the Acts and process that turns in the opposition party into a landslide victor at all levels of political context.

AND of-course, it is evident that a process which was aimed at correcting an over-stretched system of rigging into power is in the affirmative, used in rigging-in a deadly corrupt system via Auto-card mentality of rubbing Peter only to satisfy Paul.

The election may have been adjudged free and fair whereas, in truth, it is the most unjustifiable manner of wrestling power through an open ballot box which is tantamount to a democratic coup-de-tat in a 21stcentury. Aside the global speculations on the fairness of the election across the states of Nigeria, the masses in true honesty, knows that, though they may have voted for candidates of their choice, however, the truth remains that the Votes cast, were not a true representations or a reflection of the mind of the voters.

When votes are cast on the bases of Violence, other than the need for a purposeful change, but to message egos of some tribal cum regional and Royal callousness whose ranting and threats are valued to have dare consequence amounting to kills, mutiny and break down of laws and the breach of the peace, can only but best described as a rape of the consciousness of the electorate.

However, been forced to accept the outcome of the election result in accordance with the peace-accord truce, not minding the irregularities associated with the conspiracy and manipulations inherent in the election, it is obvious that the mass of Nigerians are in, and should further prepare to tolerate the wholesome impunity and mendacity of the incoming government of the APC, whose antecedents s are shrouded in forceful acquisitions, threatening of opposing views and the banning or otherwise of media privileges in the wee of its regime and control of man and nature.

Reneging not too long on its campaign promise, a few days after a suspicious victory at the polls, the APC has pre-empt an open predictions by democrats, that it is a party whose compass malfunctions at the middle of an ocean, with leadership academic mantra in doubtful circumstance and thus could not be trusted with true reformation and the transformation of the Nigerian treasure, boundary-defense, security cum internal peace mission building.

Relaying yet on a government the opposition so long, disrespected, cajoled and adduced as clueless, it becomes a wonder how the APC continues to cry silly on how the out-going clueless regime of president Goodluck Jonathan has refused to give them(APC), some tips on how to govern the country despite their hue-propaganda of CHANGE-MECHANISM. It is only but amazing to know that the APC could need a TIP or even a guild on governance from a perceived failed and clueless government when it has the likes of Generals, money –barons, Professors and of-course, touts and Royal-baggage’s as councils to lend a hand in the formations of policies and field implementations.

This is nothing but a pointer that the APC are the most clueless and empty tanks that its value is of noisy propaganda and false change mantra. In another development, the opposition and its partners in the fall of Jonathan’s government are now like the proverbial DOG, fond of eating its excretes, and are now in a mess, going by prevailing hardship and even scarcity due to their underhand partnership in sabotage and criminal tendencies.

Suffix as to say that the government of Goodluck Jonathan has long taken a bow, despite its ongoing administration, with so much yet to desire of his fist in the running of the Nation, shows how tactical his style of leadership has paddled this Gathering call Nigeria.

TWO-FACED by the PDP, intra-party hatred, disgust and racial politics by his kitchen cabinet, and as played out in the just concluded selection cum preference of a BORN TO RULE autocratic-mendacity to a true Federalistic government of a people by the people, which in nearest sense, is opposed by the Western-power-players, whose interest in the riches of the BLACK-RACE  is more of exploitations and the continuous enslavery of the third world countries, even in this 21st experimentory century of liberty of choice and the Will to live

. Little wonder, the incoming government has received open hands of partnership with the same Western cabals that have hitherto, denied friendship with the out-going government of Jonathan as one begins to sense the hands of Esau but the voice of Cain in the congratulatory messages well received from across the holy-sea.

As we confront the current confusion and hard times of all times at the tail end of the PDP dominance in power, it is most sacrosanct to NOTE that this form of open electoral process as championed by the Jonathan led-PDP, which exposed under-age – voting, ballot box snatching, threatening to drawn in city lagoons, callus banning of media coverage’s, plans to form a parallel government, voters card reader-rigging machines, persons trekking to congratulate the acclaimed winner and persons conceding defeat, refusal to vote due to no result sheet and electoral materials, constitutional refusal of military personnel’s within voting boots.

Aging and youthful categories and capabilities of aspirants and of –course, the inability of completely filling the INEC electoral FORM requirements and the failure to show satisfactory image of political aspirants true academic credentials and evidence of SCHOOLING, other than an attestation letter  tendered at and during an enrollment exercise into the ARMY,POLICE,CIVIL and BUPLIC service cum sundry paid employments or NGO’S.

Therefore, in the principle of to whom much is giving, much is expected of the incoming government of Buhari-APC to tolerate media propagandas, communal victimizations, and of-course, the electorate votes must count without interference, intimidations and the use of tactical voters rigging reader as witnessed in the just concluded election.

The APC and its presidential candidate, Mohammadu Buhari, while pleading with the Jonathan led administration for a TIP on how to govern Nigeria, must also learn to accept defeat when its tenure is of needless VALUE in the future elections, and therefore, must STOP the attitude of the DOG and BABOON-BLOOD, wherein it lost election on three counts and at each of this elections, rather than congratulate the winner, has promised the winner HELL and BRIMESTONE and despite been acclaimed as the now winner in 2015, is still telling persons conceding defeat to have been very lucky to have AVERTED a FULL BLOWN WAR!! HENCE, Victimization, Unfounded propaganda, Violence confrontations, and its likes, seemed to be the governing tactics of the APC.



Prince Eze ….. A political and social crusader, Human Right-activist, writer and analyst.


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