Oba Olawale Adedeji
Oba Olawale Adedeji

Sunday Oguntuyi, Oshogbo

A group in Eko-Ende of Ifelodun North LCDA Osun state, Eko-Ende Action Council has warned Akinrun of Ikirun land, Oba Olawale Adedeji to steer clear of the affairs of the ancient town and its suburb, Eko Ajala for the sake of peace and tranquility.

The group in a ‘Save Our Soul’ letter issued and signed by its chairman, Evangelist Jiire Adeyemo copies of which made available with the newsmen in Osogbo on Thursday, lamented the “bad attitude” of the said monarch, accusing him of causing ranglings between Eko-Ende and Eko Ajala all for selfish interest.

In the letter, the group explained how Eko-Ende and Eko -Ajala have been living together without rancour since time in memorial.

“It is a known fact that Eko-Ende gave the land, on which Eko-Ajala settled, and Eko-Ajala pays ‘tributes’ to that effect, to Eko-Ende and it is an established fact that Otin river demarcated Eko-Ende and Ikirun,” the letter said.

“Facts at our disposal established the fact that Akinrun is interested in grabbing land belonging to Eko-Ende by penetrating Eko-Ajala.”

The group said the relationship between Eko-Ende and all its neighbors have been very cordial before the present Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba Adedeji started intervening in the affairs of Eko-Ende territories for his personal objectives

“It is a known fact, backed by government gazette that Eko-Ende has oversight authority on the selection and installation of Baale of Eko-Ajala (also known as Eko Olumoorin),” the letter read.

The letter alleged that Adedeji started causing problem between the two community since the time of Elende Oba Oladosu and it took the intervention of prominent people and obas to restore normalcy.

“Elende of Eko Ende, Oba Raji Oladosu installed Baale Raji Oyeleke who is from Olumoorin/Ogunniyi ruling house. After the demise of Baale Raji Oyeleke, Akinrun went ahead to endorsed Ezekiel Adegboye, a retired police officer, at Eko Ajala without the consent of Elende of Eko-Ende then, Oba Raji Oladosu.

“The process was challenged in court but Elende of Eko-Ende withdrew the case due to the intervention of prominent people in the two communities. Baale Adegboye payed the installation fee to Elende before Akinrun dabbled in, but he later came to apologised to Oba Raji Oladosu for been mislead by Akinrun and called for normalising his Baaleship”

“Akinrun wanted to singlehandedly elevate Baale Adegboye to monarch status but the process was stalled by court of law that, if such elevation should come, it has to pass through Elende of Eko Ende who is the overlord and prescribed authority over Eko Ajala. To this end, Akinrun’s self acclaimed collections was put abrupt and Baale Adegboye maintained his status as Baale,” the group said.

“It is also pertinent to reiterate the fact that Akinrun didn’t have any cordial relationship with Oba Raji Oladosu till his demise due to his greed and high-handedness, as he wanted to cause mayhem between Eko Ende and its environs.

“After the demise of Baale Adegboye, Elende , Oba Ajiboye installed another Baale, in person of Sunday Akinwale who is from a section of Olumoorin/ Ogunniyi ruling house the same ruling house where the deceased Baale hailed from.

“Not quite long after the installation, the new Baale Akinwale was deceived by Akinrun that he could use his connections with to get him promoted to an Oba. The Baale fell for that. Akinrun actually got the consent of the government then to crown Baale Sunday Akinwale as well get him promoted to part 11 Oba, then event which intends to take place at his palace in Ikinrun”

According to the group, the promotion of Baale Sunday Akinwale to part 11 Oba and beaded crown monarch was stalled by the state high court in Ikirun which ordered immediate reversal of Chief Akinwale to his formal status as Baale and also ordered him to return all the benefits enjoyed for the period he was crowned by Akinrun as beaded crown monarch.

The group alleged Akinrun of high handedness and greed, noting that he wanted to cut corners in grabbing the lands that belong to the ancient town of Eko Ende through the back door.

The indigenes of Eko-Ende called on concerned authorities to as a matter of urgency, call Akinrun of Ikirun, Oba Adedeji to order and warn him not to damble into the affairs of Eko -Ende and its tenant, Eko Ajala for the sake of peace and harmony.