Some Nigerians abroad still beg me for money, traveling not quick fix - Zicsaloma

Aloma Isaac Junior, Nigerian skit maker popularly known as Zicsaloma, has advised young Nigerians desperate to leave the country for greener pastures abroad to exercise caution.

Aloma who gave the advice in a Twitter thread where he raised concerns about the rising cases of emigration among Nigerians.

While not opposing the option of travelling, Aloma said people should not assume that travelling is only road to success.

The comedian, however, said his concern is about people who leave Nigeria without doing proper research on the country they are traveling to.

He also said travelling abroad is not always the yardstick to success as assumed.

Buttressing his point, the entertainer said he has some Nigerian friends abroad who still beg him for financial assistance.

He wrote, “About my last tweet about ‘Japa’. I never said anyone can’t leave Nigerian if it’s their dream. I am just concerned about the mass relocation which in my opinion, seems like everyone has totally given up on the country and If every has that mind set, we can’t stand and fight…

“Many young people do not even care about the country they are going. No wonder I have met some of my friends in some of these countries (wouldn’t want to call names) and they live in worse situations than when they were in Nigeria.

“Of course, I would not want to post screenshots of Nigerians in some countries begging for funds.”

The comedian also called on people to ditch the mindset that they cannot make it in Nigeria.

“Before you ‘japa’ to a random country, inquire about their immigration laws and not just ‘becos’ the country is fine,” he added.

“I still have faith in my country, Nigeria. I might not be the popular voice you hear on social media ranting about bad government, but I really want young people to stand and ensure this country works.”


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