The simmering undercurrents of conflicts involving  the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, the court and Senator-elect Buruji Kashamu in respect of the latter’s alleged drug offences for which he’s being prosecuted here in the country and wanted by the United States government is a delicate triangular diplomatic flashpoint.

If not properly handled it may give the impression that the new world order is unipolar with America standing and grandstanding at the summit while other nations receive orders from Big Uncle Sam. For the avoidance of doubt, Hallmark is unequivocally against drug trafficking and its various manifestations. Drug trade is one of the scourges of contemporary world that remain a  potent threat to the future of mankind. We  are in support of every effort, locally and internationally to stem this heinous blood trade. We recall the global uproar that trailed the execution of some convicted drug dealers by the Indonesian government. Unfortunately, four Nigerians were involved.

However, Hallmark newspaper is against the extradition of citizen Kashamu to the United States, as much as we condemn the alleged offence he may have committed. It is true that illicit drugs is one of the many global ”cancers ”of the times given their destructive effect on youths and their capacity to induce psychosomatic disorder among those that indulge in their use.

This newspaper is of the view that if there are overwhelming pieces of evidence against Kashamu he should be tried in a court of competent jurisdiction as is being currently done, for it is a universal law and normative standard everywhere in the world that for every crime there should be punishment. The stand of this newspaper is that regardless of the extradition treaty with the United States and other countries, its application should be domesticated and contextualised.

Within this context, there is an overwhelming variable that weighs against Kashamu’s extradition to the US. For one, the United States is hardly a doer of her own word, and is always keen to impose her will, whims and caprices on other countries. It is on record that a court had indicted George Bush , former United States’ president for war crimes  in respect of the Iraq war that led to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Yet, the US has not released Bush for prosecution. No American citizen has been extradited to face justice elsewhere in the world, yet she is always keen to have alleged offenders tried in her own soil.

Kashamu should be tried on Nigerian soil; on no account should he be extradited to the US. The United States should know the world has since changed from where it was during the Cold War. The United States has made sterling contributions to current civilization, and it is a global leader in virtually all areas of life, but the problem has been inability to walk its talk on global issues. It is on record that in the 80s, the United States invaded Panama, a sovereign country on the untenable grounds that its president was a drug baron. He was eventually taken to the United States for trial . Same happened to Maurice Bishop of Granada, for a different reason. Yet, it is well known that no American citizen has been extradited to another country for prosecution.

As a newspaper we subscribe to international treaties entered into by Nigeria but such treaties should be binding on all, its application should not be one-sided in favour of the powerful countries at the expense of the weak. Kashamu is a Nigerian citizen, and if the US has a case against him, she should wait for such a time he would step on American soil. The other option is to initiate legal proceedings against him in Nigeria. This is our stand.


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