Dr. Christopher Kolade

Nigeria’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr. Christopher Kolade has described as worrisome, the country’s current sociopolitical state of affairs.

Dr. Kolade who spoke while giving his opening remarks as Chairman of the Occasion at the 2nd Annual Lecture of the Niche Newspaper, held on Tuesday in Lagos, pointed out that it should be a source of concern to all of the country’s stakeholders that nearly 60 years after independence, there is no track record to boast about.

“All of us as stakeholders in this nation must feel some concern that we cannot in all honesty boast about our track record, our current situation in accountable governance in our country,” he said.

“And if today, we are talking about the obligation of leadership, when we know that our usual rhetoric is that we talking more about the failure of leadership than the obligation of it.”

Kolade called on Nigerians to go beyond just criticising those in authority to demanding of leadership what should be done.

“Perhaps it’s time to turn our attention to what we really should be demanding of leadership instead of just criticising performance,” he noted.

“In the end, business of accountable governance, is not the business of other people, we all have roles to play.”


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