Nigerian Paint manufacturers say Nigeria  imports more than 60 per cent of
its paints needs following local manufacturers dwindling production

Chairman Paint Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria (PMA), Mr Sulaimon
Tella, said this on Wednesday in Lagos.

According to him, the unstable power supply and lack of standards in the
industry constitute major hindrances to local paint manufacturing.

Tella said that drop in the electricity supply nationwide impacted
negatively on the production capacity of paint manufacturers, as most of
them commit about N600, 000 on diesel to power their generating sets

“Electricity has also been a major challenge to paint manufacturers, and
this has led to the production of sub-standard products.

“Put all the Nigerian paints manufacturers together, we are not producing
up to 40 per cent of the total paint needed in this country.

“Most people think Nigeria is self-sufficient in paint manufacturing
because they think paint is only about decorative paints, but we are yet to
reach half of our potentials in paint manufacturing,” he said.

He also said that the local content act had not been accessed by paint
manufacturers, as the  sector had been slow in the process of

“Only a few paints that we manufacture meet the standards of the paints
used in the oil and gas sector, where risks cannot be taken.

“We have standards for decorative and gloss paints but we have no standards
yet for protective coating paints, road-marking paints, and marine paints
and so on.

“This is why our products cannot meet the standards for oil and gas,” he

Tella  urged the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to create a
platform for the standardization of the paints that are yet to be given

“We are urging the SON to work harder, with the assistance of the
government to provide a laboratory for the testing of these delicate group
of paints, because it costs a lot to take it outside the country for
evaluation,” Tella added.