Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State
Seyi Makinde of the PDP has been declared governor-elect of Oyo State.


From the onset it set to be a titanic battle for all the candidates. Many did not expect the result of the presidential polls to go the way of PDP and some still believed the governorship would be different. Rather, the result of the polls confirmed the routing of APC in Oyo state after the incumbent governor,AbiolaAjimobi had lost his bid for the senate.
Ibadan the capital of Oyo State from the beginning has been a war centre and this status has always been manifesting in the politics of the state. Even during the first Republic Ibadan being the capital of the old Western Region played significant roles to shape the political situation.
The significance of the town and its people have not changed because they are master planners and executors who always see the end of whoever they reject whether an outsider or their owm. Because when they make up their minds they will never retreat or surrender and the situation is worse if it is a collective battle.
This collective battle started in the second Republican against Chief Bola Ige.
Since the on going political dispensation started in1999  their collective decision has to a great extent been a factor in who governs Oyo state.. For the past 20 years they have been dictating the pace with their numerical strength against others in the state.
The gang up led to the removal of Senator RashidiLadoja withAlhajiLamidiAdedibu as the arrow head. The same went for the removal of Otunba Adebayo Akala who is not their own from Ogbomosho.
Also when the incumbent Senator AbiolaAjimobi was to come to power it was the same Ibadan gang up that helped him and right now after spending eight years of two terms in office which never happened in the political history of Oyo State he has suffered the same fate as the same gang up made him to lose the senatorial election which he never thought could happen. He lost to someone people never gave a chance.
 The war against Ajimobi and the APC started with his appointment of Obas and other first class rulers with beaded crown in the Olubadan in council which the Olubadan regarded as an affront to the stool and authority. As a result the Olubadan waited for the right time to strike which was the election and he made sure that he mobilised against him
What also got Ibadan angry was the involvement of Tinubu in the politics of Oyo State by bringing Akalato help them get Oyo State. This ignited the already raging fire which Ajimobi was rying to douse to ensure that the party wins the governorship election without an outsider.
As a matter of fact Tinubu’s involvement got other Ibadan politicians and governorship candidates angry and this made them to fuse together to form formidable force to backSeyiMakunde against Adelabu.
 With the situation now the APC will have to go back to the drawing table to fight back as an opposition party in Oyo state
 Also no one is sure of what would become the political future of Ajimobi,Adelabu and Akala in Oyo State.