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LG invites guests to independence time Out, unveils 2022 home appliances line-up in style



LG invites guests to independence time Out, unveils 2022 home appliances line-up in style

Bamidele Bamike

LG Electronics at the weekend, announced it will host its first ‘Independence Time Out‘ experiential event starting from October 1st to 3rd, 2022, unveiling its vision of customizable design with flexible features and smart connectivity, fully realized through its latest innovations.

To celebrate the Independence Time Out with LG Home Appliances holding at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos – one of the busiest mall in Nigeria, the company is collaborating with two Influencers – The first Rita Dominic (LG Home Appliances Brand Ambassador) – to highlight how the InstaView refrigerator’s wide range of features especially the UVnano technology lets users bring creativity and personal flair into their home spaces. Likewise demonstrating the benefits of LG Styler, Dryer and Dishwasher, making personal hygiene an important factor when buying an LG Home Appliances product.

The second Influencer of this collaborative project being spotlighted is the Veteran Nigerian Chef and content creator Gbugbemi Fregene popularly known as Chef Fregz – would be showcasing the best of Nigerian foods in an appetizing way that can only be imagined using the NeoChef Microwave.a

“While the role of appliances hasn’t changed much over the past decade, our home lifestyle has changed rapidly,” said Brian Kang,General Manager l Manger Home Appliances Division at LG Electronics. “Today’s homes are smarter and our tastes in design are more diverse and sophisticated. We expect our appliances to reflect the way we live, especially our hygiene level.

To meet growing consumer demand for hygiene- and health-centric features and improved user convenience, the new InstaView refrigerators employ LG’s UVnano™ technology, which harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to protect the water dispenser tap from potentially harmful germs – without the user having to lift so much as a finger. Premium LG water dispenser products, UVnano operates automatically once every hour to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria from the refrigerator’s dispenser tap. For additional peace of mind, the UVnano feature can be activated at any time with the quick press of a button, so users can enjoy freshly filtered water from a hygienically clean dispenser tap whenever they need it.

The latest LG InstaView models sport a flat stainless-steel design that provides a greater sense of visual balance and unity. With stylish black bezels that echo those found on LG’s new ovens and microwaves, the seamless InstaView Door-in-Door fridges harmonize effortlessly with other appliances in the kitchen, helping to create a calm, inviting and elegant environment.

Continuing the clean, contemporary styling of the 2022 InstaView lineup is the UltraSleek Door™ design, which incorporates cleverly hidden, but easily accessible handles, and the new water dispenser, which is integrated into the dispensing-lever itself and features a ring light that emits a soft glow for guiding thirsty users.

Delivering even more value, the LG ThinQ™ app lets users monitor and control their InstaView fridge, check how much energy it is consuming, receive alerts if the door has been left opened, and even adjust the brightness of the interior lighting depending on the time of day. LG’s ThinQ also supports Google Assistant for effortless voice control, 4 and includes Smart Learner – a feature that can learn from refrigerator usage patterns to optimize cooling performance, and energy efficiency.

Upgrade your kitchen when you add the LG InstaView refrigerator 2022. Incredibly, this kitchen gadget’s interior illuminates when you knock twice, keeping cold air in while you browse.

Additional items include the NeoChef Microwave which can be used to grill, bake or steam food, enabling a near-infinite range of mouth-watering possibilities that can be ready for the table in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the impressive heating power and precise temperature control of LG’s exclusive Smart Inverter technology, this microwave can cook and defrost any kind of food quickly and evenly. It also comes with the health-conscious Infrared Heating™ feature, which helps to reduce the fat content while bringing out the full flavor of every meal. LG NeoChef can even be used to make healthy probiotic yogurt! Once you’ve chosen a recipe and prepped all the ingredients, LG’s cooking appliances are ready to help give your culinary creation that professional quality that will have your family or roommates savoring every bite. LG NeoChef microwaves also make cleaning simple with LG’s new EasyClean® assisted by Anti-Bacterial Coating that resists stains and build-up, making it harder for dangerous contaminants to take root.

Cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth – no harsh chemicals are usually required with ordinary cleanups. The hexagonal-shaped stabilizer ring on LG NeoChef microwaves provides six wheels for the turntable to rest upon instead of just three, delivering added support for tall or heavy items to avoid tipping and spillage when the food is not perfectly centered.

Both stylish and functional with a host of advanced features LG dryers are the ultimate laundry addition. Voted as ‘Most Reliable Clothes Dryer Brand’ by a leading consumer magazine, LG dryers are the essential to every home. Discover the great features and thoughtful designs below.

With LG’s Auto Cleaning Condenser, you no longer have to worry about repeatedly having to vacuum out lint from the dryer so that it is properly functioning. The inverter pump technology automatically washes out the condenser up to 7 times during the drying cycle, giving you more time for other tasks or even just taking a break. LG’s Sensor Dry System measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time, assuring you get dry laundry every time.

Revolutionize the way you care for your clothes with the LG Clothes Styler, the perfect addition to any laundry setup. Relax and be confident in the knowledge that the Styler is keeping your clothes hygienically clean. With built-in Wi-Fi, the wardrobe can keep you updated and looking your best.

This will be your best Independent day celebration ever with LG Electronics. All listed products will be displayed at LG’s exhibition booth.

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