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Here comes the ‘World Queen’!



‘’God will pocket all the evil men soon’’

The first time she hit the banner headlines to register her strong presence in the arena was about a decade ago, in 2004 to be precise.

That was when she engaged fellow compatriot, hitherto unknown hip-hop star-turned superstar, Tuface Idibia, in a legal battle for ‘’copyright infringement’’

The real bone of contention was the latter’s use of her nomenclature, ‘’African Queen’’ which was her creation and for which she was known and addressed as in her musical career, to launch his career.

Whether it was a coincidence or act of ‘plagiarism’, it took the centre stage for a while but she eventually withdrew the case when some industry stakeholders intervened ‘’in the interest of the Nigerian music industry’’.

‘’They appealed to me to cease fire with a promise that the ‘’offender’’ would compensate me for that. Nothing came at the end of the day and I simply took it in my stride. Incidentally, ‘’African Queen’’ was the album was that launched Tuface into the limelight.’’

Since then, Sister Babynwa Ezenwosu Okpara Dimudu Ezechukwu Nwakwu who now prides herself as the ‘’World Queen’’ and a former Nigeria Airforce Officer, has remained undeterred with her exploits in the arena. In fact, she has about 30 songs to her credit.

Now, she has a special message for the entire world. ‘’God called me recently and instructed me to become his special messenger under the appellation ‘’World Queen’’. What it means is that it will serve as a Ministry under my purview, for the dissemination of His do’s and don’t’s subsequently. Thus I will be liaising with world leaders and other religious leaders as the issues arise,’’ she explained.

The Anambra State-born singer and God’s messenger, whose genre of music cuts across but with rich lyrics, revealed that she is finll;y ready to start the campaign against all the ills befalling mankind today.

‘’Things are getting out of hand all around the world every day.  But as I brace up with the full battle now, things like poverty, terrorism, bloodshed, same sex marriage, oppression and other forms of vices and illegalities will become a thing of the past.’’

She further claimed that any government or organization that fails to synergize with her Ministry henceforth, will be doing so at its own peril.

‘’Many governments fail because of its failure to comply with God’s commandments but the opportunity for them to excel is here now with my presence. No human being is superior to the other, so it’s going to be equal rights for all from now onwards,’’ she vowed.

According to Babynwa, her romance with music and divinity started in her childhood days. ‘’My father first noticed the signs when I was just six and predicted that I was going to be a special child. Others suggested that I should go to the convent. Other miraculous encounters have been following suit and the creation of the ‘’World Queen’’ throne is the latest,’’ she added with a promise to unfold more soon.