Adam Nuru, FCMB MD; Tunde Thomas & children
Adam Nuru, FCMB MD; Tunde Thomas & children


It’s a tragic s*x scandal, involving the Managing Director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Mr. Adam Nuru, which ultimately resulted in the death of a young investment banker, Tunde Thomas of heart attack after learning that his ‘children’ are in fact, not his; a sad story that can draw a tear from even the stone hearted.

Tunde Thomas, alias Tunde Gentle, had both bachelor’s and MBA degrees in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile –Ife, and was practising as an investment banker before he breathed his last on December 15, 2020, aged 45. He joined the long list of souls to perish in a year that proved to be the worst ever witnessed by mankind in modern history.

But unlike the nearly two million others whose sojourn on earth came to an end on account of the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Tunde a staff of the defunct Oceanic Bank who was until death, Executive Director of an asset management company, GDL Asset Management Company Ltd, died a much more painful death. His autopsy said it was of heart attack. And leading up to that ultimate outcome is tragic story that has caused national outrage and set he country’s social media space aflame. And in the middle of the storm are FCMB and its Managing Director, Adam Nuru.

Adam Nuru

The story was first brought to light on social networking platform, Twitter. Credited to Rita Ebiuwa and shared on the platform by a user, a legal practitioner, Bolanle Cole @BolanleCole. It is one that many have described as deeply painful, even as online protesters have upped their attacks on the bank and the alleged culprit MD, Nuhu, demanding his dismissal and subsequent sanctioning by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The anger is not unjustified. Mr. Nuhu is alleged to have had a long standing love affair with Thomas’ wife, Moyo, staff of FCMB; an escapade said to have produced two children, a boy and a girl who Thomas raised with utmost fatherly care, believing they were his, until the unthinkable happened. His wife, Moyo decided to relocate to the United States in the guise of going for holidays. And once there and settled, she told the unsuspecting Tunde the unthinkable.

“Tunde Thomas (alias Tunde Gentle), 45, died about two weeks ago from heartbreak. The two kids from his marriage were indeed fathered by a man without scruples or conscience, the current MD of FCMB, Adam Nuru who was his wife’s boss (MD) in FCMB. Tunde’s wife, Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo), a useless an unconscionable adulterer was engaged in an office romance with her MD, a relationship that was well known throughout the organization as the lack of shame and decorum in both lovebirds made them to get carried away and to throw caution to the wind,” read the account shared by Cole.

“FCMB, an organization without proper rules or governance looked the other way while the open and unprofessional romance was going on between the MD and a subordinate staff of the same organization, a married woman.

“The MD, Adam Nuru, who was supposed to be the Chief Governance Officer and Chief Image Maker of FCMB spared no thought for the husband of this lady who was bringing up his (Nuru’s) two children while thinking they were his. He also did not think of the organization he was leading while engaging in this foul conduct, the scandal with which no ethical organization would want to be associated.

Moyo and Tunde Thomas
Moyo and Tunde Thomas

“Tunde was so in love with and attached to his wife and children that he spent most of his resources on them. He took them to London and Dubai on holidays. He also spared no penny in putting them in the best schools

“At the height of the shameful relationship and when the older child was about eight years old, the lady suddenly resigned from FCMB and travelled to the US with the two children, ostensibly on holiday. It was when the school session started in Nigeria and the children were not returned that Tunde started asking questions and the lady finally summoned the shameless courage to tell him the children were not his own.

“She then went to the extent of filing for asylum in the US on the ground of marital violence in Nigeria, against a man known to all men by his gentle and easygoing disposition. Her aim was to get the Green Card and to also get Tunde to be barred from entering the US, so she would not have to confront him to look him in the eye and tell him to his face the evil that she had done to him.

“Within a few months of hearing this news, Tunde suffered a stroke at about the age of 42. He recovered from the stroke but became a shadow of his former self. He would often shed tears from the blues.

“Recently, he tried to pick up the pieces of his life and started another relationship with a lawyer lady. Tunde had invited some friends to accompany him to visit the lady’s parents on 26th December. They were planning the materials to take along for the visit but alas, it was not to be. Tunde got home from work in the night of 15th December only to collapse by his staircase and die immediately. Autopsy report puts the cause of death as heart failure.

“The wicked souls, Adam Nuru and Moyo Ojo (later Moyo Thomas) have done their worst, the death of an innocent man, and their hands are dripping with his blood.

“In the meantime, the family and friends of Tunde Thomas (alias Tunde Gentle) hereby wish to bring this shameful conduct to the knowledge of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the board and management of FCMB and to members of the public.”

Tunde Thomas

Nuhu, a Kwara State born a graduate of Business Administration from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, who has had put more than 20 years in the banking industry, joined FCMB in 2005 as Head of Enterprise Management overseeing Human Resources, Administration & Logistics and Branch Development.

He would later join FinBank Plc in 2009 as Executive Director, North Nigeria, but rejoined FCMB as Executive Director Abuja & North Nigeria, following the merger of FCMB and FinBank in 2012. It was around this period that the romance allegedly began, continuing, it was alleged, even after he became MD in 2017.

The late Tunde was buried 30th December 2020. But cries for justice have continued to grow louder, even as the continued lack action by FCMB board amid the scandal, has stunned many.

Though the bank has acknowledged the scandal and promised do investigation, many say its not good enough.

In a statement on Friday, FCMB Group Head, Corporate Affairs, Diran Olojo, said the bank was aware of the allegations making the rounds against its MD, but its board of directors had already commenced a review into the matter, adding that its findings would be disclosed in due course.

“We are aware of several stories circulating across several media platforms about our bank’s Managing Director, Adam Nuru, a former employee Ms Moyo Thomas and her deceased ex husband, Mr Tunde Thomas,” the statement said.

“While this is a personal matter, the tragedy of the death of Mr Tunde Thomas and the allegations of unethical conduct, require the bank’s board to conduct a review of what transpired, any violations of our code of ethics and the adequacy of these code of conduct ethics. This will be done immediately.

“We enjoin all our stakeholders to bear with us as we conduct this review and to please respect the various families involved.”

A group, Justice for Tunde Thomas, is currently spearheading campaign to get Nuru dismissed from the FCMB, and three days ago, started an online petition to get the Central Bank to act. The petition has already garnered over 1500 signatures and growing.

“This is a case of gross misconduct based on ethical grounds and an unjustifiable economic oppression by the elites (Adam Nuru) against the less privileged in the society,” the group said in the petition initiated at

“MD has been doing everything possible to sweep this case under the carpet. We implore the Central Bank of Nigeria as the apex regulator and the board of FCMB to investigate this for the integrity of the bank and Nigerian banking industry. This is a case too many , while I agree that this is not the full story , the barest minimum will be an investigation to this unethical conduct by the current MD of FCMB Bank Adam Nuru.”

Tunde Thomas obituary

It has also given FCMB two weeks to sack Nuru, on ethical grounds, “for being mired in marriage and paternity scandals.”

Across social media, anger is brewing and the debate over whether couples should do DNA paternity testing for their children has been rekindled.

“This FCMB MD (Adam Nuru and Tunde Thomas) marital scandal further strengthens the reason why fathers should run DNA on their kids to avoid a bigger shock,” said Dr. Halima Abubakar, @DrHalima_
“64% of men ain’t the biological father of their kids but we’re not ready for that conversation yet.”

“I don’t in any way mean to sound insensitive but this FCMB scandal should serve as a lesson to every one out there.Don’t be calm if you are black & yoruba & your equally full caste yoruba wife gives birth to kids that would easily pass for fulani or even lebanese. Do a DNA fast, wrote Umar Sa’ad Hassan @Alaye_100

“All men should do a DNA test for all their children as soon as their born. This has nothing to do with trusting your your wife, is a medical procedure,” argued Ameena Usman @Ameena_Usman_ “The FCMB case might be small compared to what might befall you. DO DNA TEST FOR ALL YOUR CHILDREN NOW.”