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Fayose suffering from political depression – Sani


The representative of Kaduna Central Senatorial District at the Senate,Shehu Sani, has condemned Monday’s criticism of President Muhammadu Buhariby Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose.
Fayose had released a statement on Monday describing the president’sactions since his inauguration as “tainted in ethnic and tribalcolouration, which is inimical to the unity of Nigeria”.
He also classed Buhari as “president of the north”, noting that 24 of his31 appointments so far have gone to northerners.
“Under Buhari, are people from southern Nigeria only meant to be houndedand harassed by anti-corruption agencies and the Department of StateSecurity (DSS) while those from the North are meant to enjoy federalgovernment juicy appointments?” he said.
But responding yesterday, Sani said that although everyone has a right tofreedom of expression, Fayose’s are all “noise and nuisance”, adding thatthe governor “belongs to the cesspit.
“I recognise the fundamental rights of Ekiti state governor to freedom ofexpression. I unreservedly condemn his divisive, inciting, provocative andmischievous tantrums and invective against President Muhammadu Buhari.
“The Ekiti governor is a relic of the old order; he represents the oldNigeria of waste, of hollow ritual of noise and nuisance. Fayose is a mansuffering from political depression in the aftermath of the defeat of hispatriarch Goodluck Jonathan. He is a hallucinating man of the ancient, yet
to come to terms with the realities of a new dawn and new Nigeria.
“The Ekiti governor is a man on the loose, ready to use stones, sticks andany object to inflict harm and to be noticed. Fayose failed to stop theelection of President Muhammadu Buhari by the use of false, misleading andsubversive propaganda laced with lies and deceit and now resorts to firingarrows of hate, smear and distortions.”
He described Fayose as “a glorified tout, deficient in morals, characterand courteousness”, saying his “imprudent utterances are nothing but anattempt to incite Nigerians from the south against those from the north.
“The Ekiti governor’s utterances are unbecoming of a state governor whoshould symbolise, exemplify and personify national unity and peace.
“Fayose’s utterances are farts from a rotten road side beans meal. Theconstitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees all Nigeriansthe right to freely express their opinion and criticize the operations ofGovernment. The Ekiti governor is simply on a toxic smear campaign againstPMB.
“President Muhammadu Buhari is not a ‘northern president’: He is a Nigerianpresident out to correct the wrong of the erstwhile sectional presidentwhom the Fayoses of Nigeria supported and collaborated with.
“Fayose is a weeping and whipping boy of the dead PDP. I call on the APCGovernors to appropriately respond to their peer, Fayose and return him tothe cesspit pit, where he rightly belongs.”