Nike EMR
Nike EMR

By Yusuf Mohammed

Starting a business is one thing. Being able to sustain it is another.

Omonike Fowowe, popularly known as Nike EMR, has been able to keep her businesses afloat for 10 years, in an economy that has been dwindling over the years. It is definitely not as an easy feat to achieve as many companies that started 10 years ago did not have the capacity to stand the test of time.

Friends, family and clients have taken to various social media platforms to celebrate her for being in business for 10 years.

Fowowe, a native of Osun State, has been an entrepreneur since 2011, starting at just age 21. Her business was registered in 2011 at the Corporate Affairs Commission and it is well-structured with clear division of labour and external auditor.

She is an enthusiastic and highly motivated 31 year-old who founded six businesses before the age of 26. She is an accomplished and intrepid disrupter of the status quo. Her passion, industry and strong sense of responsibility, catapulted her into the revered clique of youngest chief executives in Nigeria.

She is today the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Express Multi-Concepts Resources (EMR) Group and a major player in the six extremely competitive sectors of the Nigerian economy, employing more than 30 staff, a huge by SME standard.

She is reputed for daring failure and emerging stronger from any blip. In 2016 when other real estate players were depressed by the economic recession bug that caught Nigeria, Fowowe raised the bar of quality services and was rewarded with increased number of clients to 60.

Nike EMR is a serial entrepreneur, a workaholic and an administrator par excellence, with a solid record of result-oriented management and human empowerment. She is exceptionally reputed for bringing out the best in her workforce, which is a strong trait that has helped her produce one of the biggest results by an SME in Africa’s most populous country.

Due to her exceptional achievement in business, and attribute as a serial entrepreneur, she has been profiled three times by BusinessDay Media Limited, which described the “zero to hero” transformation of her business as a product of grit, hard work and solid perceptive powers.

Fowowe has a natural finesse for turning whatever she touches into gold. She grew her EMR Group from nothing to an over N100 million business within 10 years, making her a source of pride for womanhood and the entrepreneurship community.

She demands the best from her staff members and people around her, who oftentimes refer her as “a perfectionist.”

Fowowe added two very big awards to her numerous awards in the past. This time around she won the ELOY award for young entrepreneur and won the prestigious Panache Woman of Wonder Awards in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in December 2020.

Her success and recent awards, are testament to the fact that hard work pays, no matter how long it takes.

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