Obi’s UK firm, Next International was voluntarily liquidated, not shut down by UK govt - LP

Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has cautioned his his supporters against questioning those who criticise his actions and pronouncements, noting that the country he hopes to build is one in which citizens hold leaders accountable.

Obi’s comments follows criticism of activists, Aisha Yusuf and Rinu Oduala, who wanted to know what he would do to tackle police brutality if elected president in 2023.

Some had questioned the motive of the inquiry, which was first made by Ms. Oduala, given that according to them, Obi had already addressed the issue.

But responding to the supporters, the former Anambra State governor, in a tweet on Sunday, said, “I have noticed that some who have questioned or constructively criticised my actions or pronouncements are also being criticised for speaking up. The new Nigeria we seek, is one in which citizens can criticise and hold leaders accountable.

“I welcome such constructive criticisms; it will make our leadership better, adaptive and responsive. When Aisha Yesufu and @firstladyship criticises me publicly, I know they both mean well for me and for Nigeria. I know I have them in my corner. Salute!”


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