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Crisis in Toyin Aimakhu’s 2-year marriage




According to news making the rounds, the marriage of popular Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu and her husband, Niyi Johnson is on the brink of collapse. The once admired and bubbling union between the two thespians we gathered may have suddenly came an abrupt end. Sources revealed in recent times, the couple has been having rough times and efforts by some family members to resolve the issues have reportedly proved abortive.

There are also claims that she has packed out of her matrimonial home and all effort made by her husband to locate her has proved abortive.

“Her family members are not happy about this whole drama especially with the way the media is reporting the saga. Though she was warned by her family members to keep her home away from the media, but Toyin is just too stubborn.

“Everyone is not happy that she wants to quit the marriage. She left her matrimonial home for like two weeks now and she has shut every means of communication with her husband, who is really troubled” the source said

Gist merchant also revealed, the actress who allegedly accused her husband of a infidelity is fed up and does not care what people say if she calls it quit with the union.

“As things are now, Toyin is fed up with Niyi, who plays with her heart the way he likes. He is too distracted to be with Toyin alone and he is not doing anything to genuinely make amends. He begs for forgiveness and later go back to his vomit.

“This issue has been on for long and we have tried to ensure they remain together happily, but as it is now, we are tired. We have told Toyin to just see herself as a single lady rather than kill herself because of a ‘fine boy’,” another source revealed.

How it started

It all started when she made some changes on her instagram page. over the weekend, she was removed all traces of her husband and referred to herself as Miss.

Her fans detected this quickly because she likes being referred to as Mrs Johnson herself, a title she has gotten accustomed to. She posted a photo of herself and referred to it as Miss Aimahku. Most of her fans wondered why that was so, and a quick look at her instagram page suggested better. She had deleted all the single photos of her husband and the ones they also took together. Even their anniversary pic which they took few weeks ago was also not spared.


This won’t be the first time this is happening. Last year, Toyin announced they had split on her instagram page. Only few months ago, they had a major fight which almost ended the marriage, before they eventually settled it, but that was after the whistle blew opened.

Earlier this year, we woke up to shocking news that the once inseparable couple has been separated. It took the intervention of some revered personalities and their fans to resolve the issue. The issue was resolved and they moved in together as couple. After wards, she posted a picture of a newly acquired car which she said the husband got for her as a valentine.

Acclaimed causes of crisis

So many causes have been attributed to breaking of the marriage which was formalized years ago. The couple celebrated their second anniversary in July, 2015.

A source claimed Toyin made it very obvious she is the bread winner of the family because she imposes and asserts authority on the husband. And the fact that Johnson isn’t pleased with this often results to them having unresolved crisis.

The fact that the alakada actress has not been blessed with the fruit of the womb after allegedly having several miscarriages from her previous relationship is also said to be another reason.

Sources said, this has prompted close family members of the husband to be skeptical about the lifespan of the union. It is a development that has equally generated concerns in Toyin’s family.

Adeniyi was said to have been caught severally engaging in extra-marital affairs. A source close to Toyin said the actress is more embarrassed because her husband prefers to sleep around with ladies that are lower to her class.

When they married

Several people were surprised when the union formalized two years ago. There were rumours that Toyin may be older than him but that was debunked.