Adebayo Obajemu

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a warning to the public to be wary of false employment letters in circulation.

According to the disclaimer issued by the commission, the fake employment letters were purportedly signed by the Chairman of the Commission.

The statement which was signed by the Director, Public Affairs at the Commission, Dr. Henry Nkemadu warned the public to beware of such fraudsters, and not fall victim to their claims.

“The public should know note that the Commission has standard recruitment processes and procedures like any other government organization which the Commission strictly abides by”, the statement read.

To this end, the Commission distanced itself from such the activities of fraudulent individuals and bodies, issuing employment letters to the public in exchange for some gratification.

Nkemadu noted that when the Commission is ready to undertake recruitments, it would be publicly announced and conducted in line with the standard processes spelt out for public organisations.

The commission had also, in April, warned Nigerians to beware of fake freebies being spread on the internet by a fraudulent website claimed to be in collaboration with NCC.

The fake website asked telecom users to apply for free 20GB internet bundle being given by the NCC and the federal government for people to access the internet while locked down at home.

According to the NCC statement, the website requires individuals to fill in their bio-data and other demographics, which would later be used by phishers for criminal activities.


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