Senate President, David Mark has advised Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) faithful to put the failures of the last elections behind them.

He said they should be prepared to build a strong and united party, ready to play a credible opposition.

Mark said this at a parley with PDP Senators and House of Representatives members -elect in Abuja yesterday.

“We must accept the ups and downs as an opposition party. That is what the PDP is now. We must remain a united  family and face the reality.

“The not too impressive showing of the PDP in the last elections may, in the long term, be a blessing to the party and the nation.

“We are going back to the drawing board  to do a critical review and fashion out a blue print that would get us out of the woods for good.

“The role of opposition is strange to us but it is not a death sentence. We should be ready for the challenges. We are prepared to play a credible opposition. I believe  the nation and indeed Nigerians will be the best for it.”

Mark, however, stated that the bickering within and among party faithful, all trading blame over the poor showing at the polls, should stop.

“There is no need weeping over lost opportunities or mistakes of yesterday. The failure of yesterday should be our lesson  for a better today and a triumphant future.”