The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has raised the alarm that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is going to put Nigeria in jeopardy.

Answering questions from journalists during a press briefing at the PDP secretariat on Tuesday, the National Publicity Secretary of the party said, “We are waiting to be occupied by APC. The language they are using on us is like we are conquered people. APC is coming to put our country in jeopardy”.

In his formal press statements, the National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Olisa Metuh said that APC is plotting to upstage PDP’s victory in Akwa Ibom State, Rivers State and Delta State, pointing out that they have mobilised their resources to coerce the INEC, Judiciary and security personnel to foil PDP electoral victory in the states mentioned.

According to him, the PDP National leadership is at a loss, wondering why the opposition APC is bent on making the country a one party state. He said that PDP would resist any attempt by APC to relegate it to the background.

Metuh said the attempt by APC to truncate PDP’s victory in the party’s strategic strongholds in the South-South region of the country amounts to destabilizing the nation’s polity, describing it as a heinous plot against PDP.

“Jonathan in a rare show of statesmanship conceded defeat and congratulated the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. This singular action lowered the tension in the land,
stabilized polity and enhanced our global democratic credential and rating. In the same spirit, our gubernatorial and legislative candidates who lost at elections also accepted defeat in keeping with
overall need to preserve our democracy and unity as a people.

These sacrifices from our candidates came notwithstanding the numerous anomalies and crass irregularities that characterized the general elections to the disadvantage of our party. The PDP took the outcome of the elections in good faith, not because the processes were without flaws but for the general interest of the nation”, Metuh said.

He therefore expressed worries that the APC could even in victory remain so desperate in the desire to be in total control of the polity by attempting to take over the states genuinely won by PDP. “You will
recall that we had earlier alerted Nigerians of a groundswell of plot by the APC to foist a one party rule in our country by attempting to destabilise the PDP, take over some of our states and legislative seats, all to ensure that there is no strong opposition when they eventually assume power.



  1. Stop crying over spilt milk my brother. If ur victory in those states are genuine, there is no need for u to panick.

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