Nigerians have taken to social media to express outrage over the decision of the federal government to hike price of petrol to N212 per litre, with many raising concerns for the country’s impoverished households.

The fuel pricing regulator, Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) had in a template released on Thursday night, said that a litre of fuel would now be sold for prices ranging from N209 to N212 per litre for March. This was against N186 the crucial commodity retailed for in February.

The PPPRA said the landing cost of petrol in March would be N189.61 per litre as against N163.74 in February.

The PPPRA has been setting guidelines for petrol sales since the Buhari administration announced partial deregulation of the oil sector, but the government maintains control of policies that determine ultimate retail costs.

The new hikes surprisingly came barely a day after President Muhammadu Buhari promised to return fuel price to below N100 for Nigerians.

Also on March 1, the NNPC issued a statement in which it categorically told Nigerians that there would be no new hikes.

The state-owned firm said the government has enough fuel in the dump to last Nigerians for several weeks, urging citizens to desist from hoarding or panic-buying.

Mr. Buhari met the price at N87 per litre when he assumed office in 2015.
Following the development, many Nigerians have taken to social media to express outrage, with #FuelPriceHike already trending at number one on social media platform, Twitter.

“Food prices before now have been out of reach for many Nigerians then you add #FuelPriceHike on top of it which will further drive up prices of things across board,” lamented a user Aproko Doctor @aproko_doctor. “Yet, the average Nigerian’s earning has not increased. How exactly do we want to bring people out of poverty?

Safety Evangelist @ISAACJUNIOR9 on his part described the hike as “saddening” decrying that, “Rent, food, cloths, fuel everything gone so high. Salary remains same. Even many businesses aren’t doing any better before talking of salary increase.”

Another user, Alexandra @Lapromixx wondered if Nigerians have become doomed to suffering.
“Are we not doomed in this country???, he wondered. Fuel at N212. Who we offend na?

Also reacting, shègilolá @bonus499, said “Very disheartening. Don’t even know what to do… Everything yaff cost… noodles, spaghetti.. we’re even buying water. Yet pocket money no increase. People are starving Disappointed but relieved face This country don taya me o.”

On his part, The Cost @thecostng, said “In 1978, fuel price per liter was 0.5 kobo. Today, #FuelPriceHike is a major problem to the Nigeria’s economy especially for an average Nigerian under the leadership of Buhari.”

Another user, Sekoni. @SekoniTweets, noted, “New fuel price N212, no fears grown, nor planned protest. Elites on opposition & inside might not feel the heat, it’s just you & I as usual.Mr poverty & suffering is my hobby, feel free to come & defend Buhari with your 100MB again.