2023 polls an opportunity for youths to change the narrative in Nigeria - Alex Otti
Dr. Otti

The Abia Freedom Alliance (AFA), an association of concerned Abia technocrats, professionals, businessmen and religious leaders, has congratulated its leader, Dr Alex Chioma Otti OFR, on the occasion his 57th birthday anniversary, February 18.

“We join numerous of your friends across the world and the teeming population of your supporters and admirers in Abia State, indeed Nigeria, to congratulate you as you celebrate yet another remarkable season in your fruitful life,” a statement from Prince Uzor Nwachukwu, convener of the alliance said on Friday.

“We note with joy your various accomplishments and how you have impacted positively on the lives of our fellow citizens in Abia State. Through your acts of charity and benevolence, you have touched the lives of the weak, poor and down-trodden; through your intellectual endowment, you continue to enrich and illuminate minds; you have, and still, used your position in corridors of power, influence and authority in the corporate world to create wealth and empower numerous of our people. We could go on and on.

“On this anniversary of your birth, we want to thank you for your sacrifice for our dear State, Abia; the efforts you have continued to make to deliver Abia from the political, economic and social doldrum that she has been cast into by a bunch of few, who has held the state hostage in the past 22 years and whose only interest is self.

“We are indeed grateful that you are not deterred, neither are you discouraged, by the shenanigans and seeming intractable nature of Abia politics, as has been weaved by a gathering of vultures and buccaneers, hiding under an evil umbrella.

“Because of your resilience, we remain hopeful and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

“Our prayer for you as you celebrate is that God will continue to protect you from every prying evil eye and perfect all that concerns you and your destiny with Abia.

“Happy birthday, to the Pride of Abia, Ugwu Abia!”


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