152 Christian clerics attacked in 13 months in Nigeria - Report
Catholic priests

A report by SBM Intelligence has disclosed that at least 152 Christian clerics were attacked by non-state actors in 39 incidents between January 2022 and January 2023, according to a report by

Out of those attacked, 33 were kidnapped, while six were killed.

Similarly, a total number of 17 churches were attacked during the period under review.

A breakdown of the geopolitical zones, according to the report, showed that 12 of the incidents were recorded in the North Central; North West had nine; South East five; South-South had five; North East four and South West had four.

According to the distribution by the armed group, kidnappers were responsible for 28 incidents. Herdsmen, three; Indigenous People of Biafra, two; Boko Haram, two; mob violence, one, and bandits were responsible for one.

The report added, “2022 was an awful year for the clergy. None in that group suffered more than Catholic priests who at one point were subjected to near-daily abductions with ransom demands set at an average of N50 million per priest.

“Although there were quite genuine fears that these abductions were targeted persecution of the Christian faith, the financial imperative in a holy abduction has somewhat eclipsed such concerns.

There were 39 incidents in total. The total number of priests killed is six; the total number of priests kidnapped equals 29; the total number of pastors kidnapped is four; the total number of churches attacked is 17 and the total number of casualties in incidents involving Christian clerics is 152.

In North-Central, 12 incidents were recorded, nine in North-West, five in South-East, five in South-South, four in North-East, and four in South West.”

The convener, Unlimited Generation International Ministry, Prophet Anuoluwapo Oloruntuyi, condemned the attacks on clergy in the country, adding that the act spiritually attracts grave punishment.

He said, “Shedding the blood of innocent people is a commendable act according to Exodus 20: 13 where God sternly warned us against taking the life of another fellow. This is not to talk about clergy who have been anointed and ordained by God to carry out an assignment for him.

“We are playing with fire in this country. One hundred and fifty-two clergy in one year? Let us be reminded of what transpired between Cain and Abel in Genesis 4: 15 laced with the warning in Psalm 105: 14-16 that no one should touch his anointed.”


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