Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Smart Adeyemi, has reiterated that the Senate will ensure that most of the outstanding bills before the 7th National Assembly are passed into law before it winds up next week.    


Adeyemi, whose bill on the control of rents in the FCT is one of the pending bills yet to be considered by the Senate in a chat with newsmen yesterday, expressed optimism that the rent control bill will scale through proceedings even though the 7th Assembly has less than two weeks to the ends of its life span.


He stated that the bill which will essentially benefit low income earners in Abuja and also protect from unnecessary harassments and intimidations by lands is in the process of being passed.


 “Once a bill is enacted they don’t die as long as they are still in the process. All our bills including the rent bill cannot be dead because we still have some days to sit and we hope that the rent bill can scale through.


“The bill essentially will enable low income earners sleep with their two eyes closed without harassments from landlords,” he said.

Adeyemi, who also affirmed the readiness of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), amidst its recent leadership crisis to pose constructive and credible opposition to the All Progressives Congress (APC), however, expressed concern that there are powerful interests working against the passage of the bill even as he stressed that senators will ensure that it sees the light of the day at the end.


On the future of the PDP, Senator Adeyemi said that the party is looking up to being in opposition from May 29, adding that Nigerians should cease to see being in opposition as a bad thing.  


“Being in opposition is equally part of good governance. What the APC will need to succeed is to have a very strong and credible opposition that will check mate their activities and for it to deliver on its promises to the people of Nigeria.    


He said that PDP is going to be in opposition to build a strong democracy and not to pull it down, adding that the party would oppose with constructive criticism, looking at issues passionately so that everyone will benefit.