Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey


Thousands of Nigerians have taken to social media platform, Twitter to praise its Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey for endorsing the ongoing protests for police reforms in the country.

Nigerians have for the past two weeks, been agitating for an end to a police unit, the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) using hash tag #EndSARS, while also protesting in hundreds and thousands in various states of the country, particularly Lagos and Abuja.

The unit, a tactical squad has become notorious for extortion, harassment and even killing of mostly young people in Nigeria.

Although the Inspector General of Police on Sunday, disbanded the unit and announced the formation of SWAT, another unit in its place, protests have continued with protesters demanding broader police reforms and an end to police brutality.

Many have also rejected the newly formed SWAT insisting that it’s no different from SARS, though the police authorities have said members of the team will not operate like SARS.

While allegations had emerged that Twitter was suspending users accounts for tweeting #EndSARS hash tag, Dorsey has won praises for openly identifying with the campaign by tweeting the #EndSARS hash tag and seeking donations via bitcoin for the protesters.

Mr. Dorsey’s tweets won him admiration and praises from Nigerians on the Twitter platform.

“Really great of the Twitter co-founder to amplify this. Very important link to donations via the Feminist Coalition @feminist_co in support of efforts to protest police brutality in Nigeria. #EndSWAT #EndSARS,” tweeted Elnathan John, @elnathan_john

NEDU Samuel (P.Cule) @Nedusam01 wrote, “Well done Boss. We have been looking out for you and your support in this critical time of our history where we have resolved to make some fundamental changes in our dear country Nigeria that our children will be proud about! Many thanks my man @jack”

Mayomi Olufemi @phemoterapy said, “God bless you @jack. #EndSWAT #EndSARS. We are raking our country back.”

Another user, [email protected]_Born07 noted, “This coming from Twittwr CEO means a lot in our fight to #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria”

Olaide Slim™ @iam_slimdaddy said “GOD BLESS YOU JACK. NOW WE MOOOVVVEEERaised fistRaised fistRaised fist #EndSARS #EndSWAT Flag of Nigeria.”

MR AHMED @UncleMohamz noted, “For all the accounts suspended or locked, Jack is forgiven. Na our person e be las las.”