Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko
Evangelist Uko


Founder of Igbo Youth Movement, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko has sent a save our soul message to governors of Nigeria’s Southeast amid rising menace of youth addiction to Methamphetamine or simply Crystal Meth, known locally as Mkpuru mmiri; a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system, currently ruining lives in the zone.

Evangelist Uko in the message to the governors, asked them to expedite action against the menace, with a view to cutting its supply to the zone, as according to him, the drug “is slowly but dangerously doing great damage to the youths of Igboland, both male and female.”

Uko who also serves as secretary of Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA), explained that “Crystal meth became popular and available in the region, some years ago.”

According to him, “Unscrupulous drug dealers in places such as Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia and South Africa etc, were said to have discreetly established mkpuru mmiri factories in ala Igbo about five or six years ago.

“The great damage this evil drug is wreaking in our land, is frightening. Many teenagers, even high school students, are said to be helplessly hooked on it. The effects are devastating, the addiction, horrific.

“It ruins, demolishes, destroys and completely lays waste young promising lives, turning them into animals.”

Uko warned that if nothing is done urgently to stop the epidemic, many lives would be ruined in the Southeast.

“If nothing drastic is done to rein in this strange epidemic by dealing decisively with the manufacturers and dealers of this immoral product turning even our rural communities upside down, then we will be facing the biggest challenge of all time,” he said.

“It impacts negatively on productivity, affects academics, upsets the equilibrium of society, influences immorality, inspires crime, and degrades humanity, by turning the addicts into something else. If left unchecked, the mkpuru mmiri pandemic can destabilise a whole generation.

Mkpuru Mmiri

“This raging fire that has caught on especially, amongst young people, has the capacity to ruin the future of our land.

“Youth organisations and town unions, are doing a good job resisting the surge of this wicked storm raging in our land. But that’s not enough. Strategic and definite efforts must be initiated by State Governments, without further delay, to contain this scourge.

“State Governments must step in immediately, and quickly develop veritable strategy of containment, including but not limited to aggressive awareness campaign of the evil consequences of this terrible drug and hunting down distributors and dealers.

“Laws should be made to demolish the buildings where the drug is manufactured and stiff punishment meted to both dealers and addicts. This is a special appeal to our Governors.

“A stitch in time, saves nine.”


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