Olugbeminga Ojo, is the Chief Executive Officer of Lakinberg Associates. A lawyer by training and holds aMaster’s Degree in law from the University of Lagos. He is an Associate of the centre of Legal studies Austria and a member of Dubaiinternational court of Arbitration. He also boasts ofhaving a certificate in Legal Support Management from the American Institute of Management. He recently sat down with Hallmark reporter, Julius John for an interview, where he bore his mind on a number of issues.

When was Lakinberg, your company set up and why did you set it up?

We provide legal solutions to people’s business, SMEs, for startups or already established businesses that need some kind of legal creativity.

Lakinberg was established in 2010, this business has run for five years, and so far, we have been moving from one mile stone of success to another, so much that our clients have fantastic things to say about us

How did it all begin?

There is one philosopher that said that if you wait for the perfect time, you won’t get anything done. We didn’t wait for perfect conditions, we started from a flatin Surulere. Honestly, it wasn’t very easy starting. We had to struggle with so many things. We had to pay our dues and make a lot of sacrifices. We later we moved to Ilupeju, then from there we moved to Ikeja and from ikeja we moved to Marina which is where we are now. Thank God, it has been accomplishmentsall the way.

You seem to provide a specialized kind of service for the top echelon in the society. How do you get your clients?

Our services are not restricted. We run general services which is open to everyone and we also have specialized service which we render for the blue-chip segment of the society.

There is no magic as to how we get our jobs. This is because I can boldly say that we make sure that we put in our best in what we do. We satisfy our clients so they are encouraged to refer us to other people who also refer us to others. This way, the circle is endless.

A gentle man just walked out of here and I had not met him from anywhere before. He said someone told him about us yesterday, he came to us today and he is impressed with what he heard from us.

We also have a website where you can look up our corperate profile and what our service renditions are.We also we make representation locally and internationally. We are in close contact withthe better part of the European Union.We make recommendations, we established businesses, joint ventures, mergers and we have been a part of many businesses that involves foreign direct investments.

So no matter the kind of business you are into, if you come to us, you are sure we will give life to your dreams and aspirations. Above all, our services are not expensive.

We runaffordable legal servicesand as such, with just with a hundred thousand naira as a start for Small and Medium Enterprise, you have full legal services support through us. I amnot sure there is anywhere else you can find that in Nigeria, even internationally.

And when you get into trouble or you need us to fix issues for you we deploy our lawyers at a very fast pace.


Fundamentally Lakinberg is a hub for the labour market.We contribute our own bit in diffusing the labour market in Nigeria. This is our own way of contributing towards diffusing the labour market.

We recruit lawyers every year, the smart and intelligent ones though and we ensure that we pick at least three lawyers off the labour market every year.

We also give a chance to the not very exceptional ones. We do not give up on them. There is a procedure we have called a short term training period, between last year and now, we have had about four lawyers that passed through the training period.

We place them on a probationary employment, so you have to be exceptional or have a thirst to work with us.


Do you think Jonathan led administrations has done enough in creating a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive in Nigeria.

I am not a partisan. The administration of Jonathan is an administration of the government of the people, so it is only our duty and responsible to give support to any government that is reigning. That is why the law allows for check and balances. If you have an opinion pool about Jonathan’s administration you will find out that there will always a provision for legal checks or redress if you are satisfied or not with thegovernment of the day. So for that reason all I can say is that weare looking at a better tomorrow, all we want is hope for a better tomorrow.

We can only trust the government of the day to do better than it did yesterday, the government of Jonathan has been peaceful and we encourage a better economic system than we had yesterday.

What sector do you think the new administration should focus on?

I think if there is any sector the next administration needs to focus on, I think it will be power. This is one major thing that has crippled businesses in Nigeria.

If you look at how much an average business owner spends on generating power daily, you will have no option but to feel bad. Power is key for the growth of any economy. It is part of what investors will consider before they decide to invest in any country.

Another area I feel the government needs to pay attention to, it is the real sector, particularly manufacturing. This is because it has the potentials to create more job opportunities than most other sectors.

Do you know how many people a manufacturing company can employ? The numbers are mind burgling. By the time there is stable electricity in the country, it will trigger off investment into the economy. Manufacturing companies will see the need to come to Nigeria to invest because we have the market.