Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike has said he never promised leaders of the Ogoni ethnic group in the state that he would chose his successor from amongst them since, according to him, it is not within his powers to decide who governs the state.

The governor who took to his twitter handle, @GovWike to respond to suggestions that be had met with some Ogoni leaders and promised them governorship, noted that he could not have promised what he cannot give.

“Let nobody say that I have met with Ogoni Ethnic Nationality and I promised them Governor. I didn’t promise because I cannot give,” he said.

“It is only God that will give the position of Governor. With proper arrangement, things can be done. Don’t say I made a promise, don’t rely on anyone, just work hard. As Nyesom Wike, I can only support, but cannot make anyone Governor .

“Take me as an example. Someone sat here and said over his dead body would I be Governor. Am I not Governor today? I am heading towards 8 years.

“Nobody should threaten you that you cannot be Governor. Don’t take the position of God. Don’t allow anyone to take the glory of God.”