The big boys who have nothing to do with South Africa-powered Multichoice’s second baby christened GOtv will simply laugh out loud at this story. The reason is not far-fetched: they go for bigger stuffs within the DStv bouquets. But hold it, some of them are already crying foul and may look elsewhere over the recent increase of subscription fees.

GOtv, which was not left out of the ‘secret’ increment, is still going places anyway but subscribers say it’s with some coma; they are complaining bitterly over its constant technical failures.

Aside from not having enough channels with meaningful programmes to keep viewers at bay, they say, it often shakes and goes ‘off and on’.

”I took the matter and my decoder to one of their offices recently and they checked it and said they found nothing wrong. They only advised that I should go and adjust the antenna. I have done that several times but the problem persists,” one of them stated.

Our checks reveal that the channels go off for say, a minute and returns, forcing the viewer to miss out some vital messages.