The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has given a marching order empowering electricity consumers to set electricity tariff plan for the electricity distribution company (DISCOs).

The Chairman, NERC, Dr. Sam Amadi, said this in Abuja, at the end of the regular monthly meeting held with the power generation and distribution companies including the Transmission Company of Nigeria on Wednesday.

The commission revealed that the new development allows the distribution companies the opportunity to first interface with their customers before presenting the tariffs to the regulator.

It further disclosed that DISCOs will set their own tariffs based on the cost of operating in their various locations, and its approval by the consumers.

Amadi stated that the commission had in the past allowed the Discos to hold consultations with their customers on issues pertaining to tariffs, but with the new development, it would be the duty of the DISCOs will set the tariffs based on the agreement reached with the customers and not the commission.

The tariff agreement, according to the commission is expected to commence from July when the Multi Year Tariff Order will take place.

It also said that the tariff structure will be the framework for the idea of MYTO, without necessarily disrupt the concept.

The NERC boss said “The new development will not change MYTO, which remains the only framework for tariff plan.

What has changed is that the Discos will be required to engage with their customers before presenting a tariff application for approval.

The customers will not be in the shadows anymore.

The Discos will have to engage with the customers when making decision on tariff.”